Ben McCann | A Tour of the Vite Ecosystem | ViteConf 2023

Discover the latest innovations in the Vite ecosystem at ViteConf 2023. Explore Vite 2, SvelteKit, Vite test, Storybook Add-On Svelte CSF, Unplug-in Auto Import, Unplug-in Icons, Vite image tools, Party Town, Tori, and more.

Key takeaways
  • Vite 2 is a completely different beast than its predecessors, with a focus on ESM-only builds and a large plugin ecosystem.
  • SvelteKit is a Svelte web framework built on top of Vite, offering great performance out of the box and features like code splitting and CSS isolation.
  • Vite test is a testing framework that integrates well with Vite and SvelteKit, providing features like watch mode and automatic test reruns.
  • Storybook Add-On Svelte CSF allows you to develop Svelte components in isolation and see their different states with just a few clicks.
  • Unplug-in Auto Import automatically imports common APIs, making it easier to write Svelte code.
  • Unplug-in Icons provides a huge set of icons that can be easily used in Svelte projects.
  • Vite image tools can be used to optimize images for the web, including converting them to different formats and generating picture tags.
  • Party Town can be used to move scripts to a web worker, improving performance.
  • Tori is a lightweight web view framework that can be used to build desktop applications with Vite.
  • Vite’s plugin ecosystem is constantly growing, with new plugins being added all the time.