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Your Software is Mission Critical - Mike Lehan

Finding the founders of tomorrow

Making Awesome Games with LittleJS - Frank Force, JS GameDev Summit 2022

RailsConf 2023 - Keynote: Leading through Change - When two cultures combine by Shani Boston

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Django for life (sciences)

Miracles in Anarchy with Timothy Allen - DjangoCon US 2022

Constant fun (const fn) with Rust - Rainer Stropek - Rust Linz June 2022

Unlocking The Awesome Power of Refactoring – J.B. Rainsberger


DevOpsCon Spring 2019 Keynote -- Operations: the last Mile for DevOps

How we killed DevOps by creating a dedicated DevOps team | Adam Nowak

Driving Culture Change through DevOps, and Vice Versa / Speakers: James Betteley & Sara Milne

Making DevOps Valuable | Sasha Rosenbaum

Christian Adell Querol – The role of the Network Engineer in the DevOps era

Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps engineers at LEGO.com | Nicole Yip

Kris Buytaert – Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned

Marc Cluet – Managing DevOps Teams, staying alive


Type checking your Django code with django-types and Pyright with Kyle Bebak - DjangoCon US 2022

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Building and scaling a live event platform with django-channels

Navigating Django's Future: Djangonaut Space

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | All about djangoproject.com

DjangoCon 2022 | Why would anyone use Snowflake as a backend for Django?

DjangoCon 2022 | Async Django: The practical guide you've been **awaiting** for.

DjangoCon 2022 | Lightning Talks Day 3

DjangoCon 2022 | The (Python) Magic of Django: A Tour of the Codebase


Growing the PHP Core – One Test at a Time | Florian Engelhardt

Getting Started with PHP-FFI | Thomas Bley

Optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM – from Beginner to Expert to Crazy | Arne Blankerts

PHPUnit 10: Why It’s Delayed, What It Brings | Sebastian Bergmann

DPC2022: Building Recommender System in PHP8

Building Recommender System in PHP8 | Mihailo Joksimovic

Your first PHP extension - Christian Rades

PHP Module als Rundum-Sorglos-Pakete entwickeln | Ralf Eggert


React's Most Useful Types - Matt Pocock, React Day Berlin 2023

Gateway to React: The react.dev Story - Rachel Nabors, React Summit US 2023

A comparison of the Reactivity Concepts in Angular, React, Vue and Svelte by Jonas Bandi

Announcing Starbeam: Universal Reactivity – Yehuda Katz, JSNation 2022

Opt in Design – The New Era of React Frameworks – Ben Holmes, React Advanced 2023

React Summit 2022 - React Open Source Awards Ceremony

Inside Fiber: the In-Depth Overview You Wanted a TLDR for – Matheus Albuquerque, React Summit 2022

Handling Data at Scale for React Developers – Tejas Kumar, React Summit 2022


The Art of Humble Views: Testing React Native Apps the Smart Way - Mo Khazali, TestJS Summit 2023

Twitter Space | Testing: unit (testing-library/react) and end-to-end/integration

Learning Test-Driven Development • Saleem Siddiqui & Dave Farley

Tiny Tests, Large Results – Nikolay Advolodkin, TestJS Summit 2022

🚀 Integration Testing with Docker and Testcontainers (Sergei Egorov)

Fighting Test Flakiness with Time Machines - Filip Hric, TestJS Summit 2023

Full-Circle Testing With Cypress - Filip Hric, TestJS Summit 2022

Testing Web Applications with Playwright - Debbie O'Brien, TestJS Summit 2022


The Web3 revolution by DFINITY

Intersecting Frontiers Panel: The AI-Web3 Nexus and Its Game-Changing Implications | Futurist 2023

The Role of Web3 in the Future of Music & Entertainment I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Web3 Builders Decentralizing the Internet | Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Rebuilding the Financial System of the Internet with Web3 I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Entering the Web3 Space: A Guide for Big Brands. Fireside w/ Artūrs Garais & Aléksa Mil

Collaborative Success in Web3: From Building Teams to Finding Your Role | Blockchain Futurist 2023

Raoul Pal | CEO of RealVision, GMI, etc. | web3 talks | Sep 29th 2022 | Hosted by Raphael Hyde