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Startup Resilience as a Way of Life – Lessons From the War in Ukraine w/ Bogdan Shkarupa/ NeuCurrent

Cracking the Code: Decoding Startup Investment Approaches | A Discussion with Venture Capitalists

Heurekus: Von der Cessna zum Open Source Airbus - Virtuelles Online fliegen in der Community

floy: Introduction to Postgres Query Planning

When to Choose Rust • Tim McNamara • YOW! 2022

Bitemporality in PostgreSQL: Update Your Data Without Losing Information — Miroslav Šedivý

Leading in Tech - Michael Cullum

Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios - Coding Automation Lesson #1: Please Be Lazy - JSWORLD 2023


Bring AI-Based Search to Your Web App – Sebastian Witalec, JSNation 2023

Bobur Umurzokov - Build AI-powered data pipeline without vector databases | PyData Global 2023

Intersecting Frontiers Panel: The AI-Web3 Nexus and Its Game-Changing Implications | Futurist 2023

Stefan Kahl & Josef Haupt - AI-powered bioacoustic monitoring with BirdNET [PyData Prague]

ElixirConf 2023 - Alfonso Gonzalez - Embedded System w/ Elixir for millions AI-based point of sales

MoustachedBouncer: AitM-Powered Surveillance via Belarus ISPs

Hayri Göcke | AI enabling automated maintenance | Rise of AI Conference 2023

AI for software development: A reality check | Birgitta Boeckeler | LeadDev Berlin 2023


DevOpsCon Spring 2019 Keynote -- Operations: the last Mile for DevOps

How we killed DevOps by creating a dedicated DevOps team | Adam Nowak

Driving Culture Change through DevOps, and Vice Versa / Speakers: James Betteley & Sara Milne

Making DevOps Valuable | Sasha Rosenbaum

Christian Adell Querol – The role of the Network Engineer in the DevOps era

Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps engineers at LEGO.com | Nicole Yip

Kris Buytaert – Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned

Marc Cluet – Managing DevOps Teams, staying alive


Type checking your Django code with django-types and Pyright with Kyle Bebak - DjangoCon US 2022

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Building and scaling a live event platform with django-channels

Navigating Django's Future: Djangonaut Space

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | All about djangoproject.com

DjangoCon 2022 | Why would anyone use Snowflake as a backend for Django?

DjangoCon 2022 | Async Django: The practical guide you've been **awaiting** for.

DjangoCon 2022 | Lightning Talks Day 3

DjangoCon 2022 | The (Python) Magic of Django: A Tour of the Codebase


Una Kravets - The Best JavaScript is No JavaScript

DEADScript: The Role Of JavaScript In Web Sustainability – Henri Helvetica, JSNation 2023

Um, its about your JavaScript...

Javascript Should Come With Batteries - Luca Casonato, React Day Berlin 2023

"Of JavaScript Ahead-Of-Time Compilation Performance" by Manuel Serrano (Strange Loop 2022)

Building a Voice-Enabled AI Assistant With Javascript – Tejas Kumar, JSNation 2023

Experience of Creating JavaScript Games

ElixirConf 2023 - Chris Nelson - LiveView: The javascript you need while keeping the Elixir you love


Python-based ML and HPC workflows in the Cloud for science and engineering I PyData Chicago 2022

Kalyan Prasad - Python-Driven Portfolios: Bridging Theory and Practice for Efficient Investments

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Teaching Children Python-What Works?

Juan Nunez-Iglesias - View, annotate, and analyze multi-dimensional images in Python with napari

Sponsor Presentation—S. Ostrowski: Accelerate your workflow from local Python prototype to the cloud

Sponsor Presentation - How to build stunning Data Science Web applications in Python

Cheuk Ho - How to be Pythonic? Design a Query Language in Python

Sponsor Presentation - Python Profiling State of the World


React's Most Useful Types - Matt Pocock, React Day Berlin 2023

Gateway to React: The react.dev Story - Rachel Nabors, React Summit US 2023

A comparison of the Reactivity Concepts in Angular, React, Vue and Svelte by Jonas Bandi

Announcing Starbeam: Universal Reactivity – Yehuda Katz, JSNation 2022

Opt in Design – The New Era of React Frameworks – Ben Holmes, React Advanced 2023

React Summit 2022 - React Open Source Awards Ceremony

Inside Fiber: the In-Depth Overview You Wanted a TLDR for – Matheus Albuquerque, React Summit 2022

Handling Data at Scale for React Developers – Tejas Kumar, React Summit 2022