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Unlocking Success: Navigating the Code of Life with GitHub CoPilot - Michelle Sandford

Not Missing a Beat, Developing Products in Crypto

How Tipple Won Five Billion Dollar Customers in its First Year of Operation | Eoin Bara, CEO Tipple

Liquidity During Bullruns: Why Market Makers Are Vital?

What's Next on the Horizon for Centralized Crypto Exchanges?

Crypto Infrastructure: Fast and Furious

Crypto Risk Management 360

Blockchain Unleashed: Moving Beyond the Bitcoin Protocols Utility

Randomly selected

Keynote: Where Web Tech is Going Now - Steve Sanderson - NDC Porto 2023

Building Operable Software with TDD (but not the way you think) - Martin Thwaites - NDC London 2023

Unconference - Stream 1 - 15:45 - 16:45 - PGCon 2022

Devoxx Greece 2024 - Busy Architect's Guide to Distributed Systems by Ted Neward

How to Build Evolvable Systems | ThoughtWorks Keynote @ DeveloperWeek 2019

Quantum Computing and the future of cryptography - Filip W.

PITCH Semi-final

Sensor Networks with Java on Embedded


Bring AI-Based Search to Your Web App – Sebastian Witalec, JSNation 2023

Intersecting Frontiers Panel: The AI-Web3 Nexus and Its Game-Changing Implications | Futurist 2023

Bobur Umurzokov - Build AI-powered data pipeline without vector databases | PyData Global 2023

ElixirConf 2023 - Alfonso Gonzalez - Embedded System w/ Elixir for millions AI-based point of sales

Stefan Kahl & Josef Haupt - AI-powered bioacoustic monitoring with BirdNET [PyData Prague]

Responsible AI/Ethics in AI engineering | Maria Gomez Aguirre & Priyanka Syal | LeadDev Berlin 2023

Keynote: Guardians of the AI Era: Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape of Tomorrow

MoustachedBouncer: AitM-Powered Surveillance via Belarus ISPs


Florida Bitcoin Citadel Presents: Bitcoin 101 | Kurt Wuckert Jr. | #LDNBlockchain23

Ordinals, lightning and the future of bitcoin

AMA: Bitcoin at scale is all about micropayments—here’s why | Dr Craig Wright | #LDNBlockchain23

Digital Signatures and Identity in Bitcoin | Todd Price | #LDNBlockchain23

Using Bitcoin to build a business – The Unilateral Contract | Dr Craig Wright | #LDNBlockchain23

The Future of Bitcoin Mining I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Bitcoin compliance & redactable signature system | Dr Craig Wright | #LDNBlockchain23

How to Start Building Your First Bitcoin SV App | Ty Everett, Brayden Langley | #LDNBlockchain23


katzazi aka Eva Stöwe: Ich hab in der Blockchain-Szene gearbeitet - Let's talk about money!

Can Blockchain Technology Save Democracy I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Panel: Web3 for Social Good | Blockchain Futurist Conference 2023

Big tech’s role in blockchain adoption | Marcin Dyba, Alex Matsuo, Nirali Shah | #LDNBlockchain23

Blockchain Innovation Program: Changing Lives Through BSV Blockchain Education | #LDNBlockchain23

Blockchain & Social Good I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Panel: Blockchain Disrupting Traditional Finance | Blockchain Futurist Conference 2023

Blockchain Regulation in Canada presented by Kraken | Blockchain Futurist Conference 2023


Type checking your Django code with django-types and Pyright with Kyle Bebak - DjangoCon US 2022

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Building and scaling a live event platform with django-channels

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | All about djangoproject.com

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Django Accessibility for Everyone

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Keynote: DjangoGirls: It takes a Village

Panel Discussion: The State of Django - DjangoCon US 2022

The Django Jigsaw Puzzle: Aligning All the Pieces with Will Vincent - DjangoCon US 2022

Why large Django projects need a data (prefetching) layer with Flávio Juvenal - DjangoCon US 2022


RailsConf 2023 - Building an offline experience with a Rails-powered PWA by Alicia Rojas

RailsConf 2024 - SQLite on Rails: From rails new to 50k concurrent... by Stephen Margheim Final

RailsConf 2024 - Save Time with Custom Rails Generators by Garrett Dimon

RailsConf 2023 - Rails on Ruby: How Ruby Makes Rails Great by Noel Rappin

Alicia Rojas - Building an offline experience with a Rails-powered PWA - Rails World 2023

RailsConf 2023 - Using Rails Engines to Supercharge Your Team by Austin Story

RailsConf 2023 - Rails Performance Monitoring 101: A Primer for Junior Developers by Rishi Jain

RailsConf 2024 - Crafting Rails Plugins by Chris Oliver


RustConf 2023 - A Rust-based garbage collector for Python

RustEdu Workshop 2022 - RustViz: Interactively Visualizing Ownership and Borrowing

RustConf 2023 - Rustacean Community Interfaces: A Tale of Many Hats

RustConf 2023 - Extending Rust's Effect System

Craig's Amazing Rust Spectacular (brought to you by Rust-eze) - Craig Spence - NDC Sydney 2024

Rustberry Pi: Baby-steps in Embedded Rust - Lisa Passing - Rust Linz, September 2022

RustConf 2023 - GUI Accessibility Across Platforms and Programming Languages Using Rust

RustEdu Workshop 2022 - Teaching Rust + Programming Assignments