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Patterns of Distributed Systems • Unmesh Joshi & James Lewis • GOTO 2024

Regulation & education: The keys to blockchain growth | Ben McKenzie, Yves Mersch | #LDNBlockchain23

Blockchain Innovation Program: Changing Lives Through BSV Blockchain Education | #LDNBlockchain23

How to Build a $1M Startup Without Venture Capital, With Rob Walling

Aaron Patterson - Future of Developer Acceleration with Rails - Rails World 2023

A Tour of the Eighth Floor: Livecoding Music with Fennel and Renoise

RubyConf 2023 - Livin’ La Vida Hanami by Tim Riley

Uplift your Linux systems programming skills with systemd and D-Bus Practical examples and best pra…


Florida Bitcoin Citadel Presents: Bitcoin 101 | Kurt Wuckert Jr. | #LDNBlockchain23

Ordinals, lightning and the future of bitcoin

AMA: Bitcoin at scale is all about micropayments—here’s why | Dr Craig Wright | #LDNBlockchain23

The Future of Bitcoin Mining I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Bitcoin + Ethereum + Internet Computer = World Computer

Using Bitcoin to build a business – The Unilateral Contract | Dr Craig Wright | #LDNBlockchain23

Digital Signatures and Identity in Bitcoin | Todd Price | #LDNBlockchain23

How to Start Building Your First Bitcoin SV App | Ty Everett, Brayden Langley | #LDNBlockchain23


Type checking your Django code with django-types and Pyright with Kyle Bebak - DjangoCon US 2022

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Building and scaling a live event platform with django-channels

Navigating Django's Future: Djangonaut Space

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | All about djangoproject.com

DjangoCon 2022 | Why would anyone use Snowflake as a backend for Django?

DjangoCon 2022 | Async Django: The practical guide you've been **awaiting** for.

DjangoCon 2022 | Lightning Talks Day 3

DjangoCon 2022 | The (Python) Magic of Django: A Tour of the Codebase


ElixirConf 2023 - Elaine Watanabe - Exploring code smells in Elixir

ElixirConf 2023 - Sean Moriarity - MLOps in Elixir: Simplifying traditional MLOps with Elixir

ElixirConf 2023 - Owen Bickford - Elixir's Secret Ingredient

ElixirConf 2023 - Michał Śledź - Rewrite Pion in Elixir

ElixirConf 2023 - Michael Lubas - Elixir Security: a Business and Technical Perspective

ElixirConf 2023 - Kimberly Erni - Scaling Up Travel with Elixir

ElixirConf 2023 - Savannah Manning - Functional Juniors: Leveling up your New Elixir Devs

ElixirConf 2023 - Geoffrey Lessel - Introducing Vox: the static site generator for Elixir lovers


Una Kravets - The Best JavaScript is No JavaScript

DEADScript: The Role Of JavaScript In Web Sustainability – Henri Helvetica, JSNation 2023

Um, its about your JavaScript...

Javascript Should Come With Batteries - Luca Casonato, React Day Berlin 2023

"Of JavaScript Ahead-Of-Time Compilation Performance" by Manuel Serrano (Strange Loop 2022)

Building a Voice-Enabled AI Assistant With Javascript – Tejas Kumar, JSNation 2023

Experience of Creating JavaScript Games

ElixirConf 2023 - Chris Nelson - LiveView: The javascript you need while keeping the Elixir you love


Growing the PHP Core – One Test at a Time | Florian Engelhardt

Getting Started with PHP-FFI | Thomas Bley

Optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM – from Beginner to Expert to Crazy | Arne Blankerts

PHPUnit 10: Why It’s Delayed, What It Brings | Sebastian Bergmann

Tuning PHPStan to Maximum Strictness - Ondřej Mirtes

DPC2022: Building Recommender System in PHP8

Building Recommender System in PHP8 | Mihailo Joksimovic

Your first PHP extension - Christian Rades


The Web3 revolution by DFINITY

Intersecting Frontiers Panel: The AI-Web3 Nexus and Its Game-Changing Implications | Futurist 2023

The Role of Web3 in the Future of Music & Entertainment I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Web3 Builders Decentralizing the Internet | Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Rebuilding the Financial System of the Internet with Web3 I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Entering the Web3 Space: A Guide for Big Brands. Fireside w/ Artūrs Garais & Aléksa Mil

Collaborative Success in Web3: From Building Teams to Finding Your Role | Blockchain Futurist 2023

Raoul Pal | CEO of RealVision, GMI, etc. | web3 talks | Sep 29th 2022 | Hosted by Raphael Hyde