Fantastic functions and where to find them - Freek Van der Herten


(PHP masterclass) Explore the flexibility of PHP through Freek's experiments, learn about Livewire's server-side rendering, concurrency in PHP, and more, all while highlighting the growth of the PHP ecosystem.

Key takeaways
  • PHP’s flexibility and growth is demonstrated through Freek’s experiments with private property access and method invocation.
  • Livewire is introduced as a package that allows building dynamic and interactive web pages without JavaScript by re-rendering the HTML server-side.
  • Freck highlights the growth of the PHP ecosystem and the power of PHP, comparing it to other languages and showing a graph of package installations.
  • Concurrency in PHP is discussed, with examples of how to achieve it using process control fork and Livewire.
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and not judging a language solely based on its past is emphasized.
  • The talk concludes by showcasing some interesting community projects and packages, including Term Wind and Livewire.