React conference talks

React's Most Useful Types - Matt Pocock, React Day Berlin 2023

Gateway to React: The Story - Rachel Nabors, React Summit US 2023

A comparison of the Reactivity Concepts in Angular, React, Vue and Svelte by Jonas Bandi

Announcing Starbeam: Universal Reactivity – Yehuda Katz, JSNation 2022

Opt in Design – The New Era of React Frameworks – Ben Holmes, React Advanced 2023

React Summit 2022 - React Open Source Awards Ceremony

Inside Fiber: the In-Depth Overview You Wanted a TLDR for – Matheus Albuquerque, React Summit 2022

Handling Data at Scale for React Developers – Tejas Kumar, React Summit 2022

The Unlikely Friendship Between React and Rust – Sara Vieira, React Advanced 2023

Brace Your React, New Core Web Vitals are Coming - Ivan Akulov, React Day Berlin 2023

Magic With Babel Macro - Dhrubesh Deb Sharma, React Advanced 2021

We Don’t Know How React State Hooks Work - Adam Klein, React Advanced 2021

Reusing App State in React Native With Recoil - Sergii Zhuravel , React Advanced 2021

Josh Goldberg - Detecting React bugs automatically with linting and TypeScript - React Live 2023

Mohamad Shiralizadeh - New Suspense Architecture in React 18 - React Live 2023

React Server Components Panel Discussion, React Summit US 2023

How Coinbase Rewrote the App in React Native - Siriwong Ching, React Advanced 2021

React Server Components – Tejas Kumar, React Day Berlin 2023

Spring + Kotlin = Modern + Reactive + Productive by James Ward , Josh Long

Understanding Idiomatic React – Joe Savona, Mofei Zhang, React Advanced 2023

Giorgio Boa - Improve your React hydration with Qwik - React Live 2023

How Coinbase Rewrote the App in React Native - Siriwong Ching, React Advanced 2021

Exploring React Server Component Fundamentals - Daishi Kato, React Day Berlin 2023

Misko Hevery - Speeding Up Your React App With Less JavaScript, React Summit 2023

Crafting Pristine React: Best Practices for Maintainable Code - Miguel Ángel Durán, React Day Berlin

Limitless App Development with Expo and React Native- Evan Bacon, React Advanced 2021

Deep diving on Concurrent React – Matheus Albuquerque, React Advanced London 2022

RailsConf 2023 - Hotwiring My React Brain by Aji Slater

Power Fixing React Performance Woes – Josh Goldberg, React Advanced 2023

Fast React Monorepos with High Quality DX – Juri Strumpflohner, React Summit 2022

Jennifer Robison - Don't Just React, Mobilize

Stephan Sahm - Reactive Notebooks for Python

Gordon Shotwell - Understanding reactive execution in Shiny | PyData Global 2023

Raising the Bar: Our Journey Making React Native a Preferred Choice – Lorenzo Sciandra

R3ACT: A Frightening Look At Performance Figures - Henri Helvetica, React Summit US 2023

Twitter Space Discussion | What's new in React?

To Mock or Not to Mock - That's the Question - Rita Castro, React Advanced 2021

Tejas Kumar - React as a Developer Health Tool

DPC2020: Improving Application Performance with ReactPHP - Sergey Zhuk

Stephan Sahm - – Reactive Notebooks for Python

Getting started with ReactPHP – Pushing Real-Time Data to the Browser | Christian Lück

"Modern Frontend on ClojureScript and React in 2023" by Yuri Khmelevsky

Ives van Hoorne - All the ways to execute JavaScript code - React Live 2023

Rakkas, Vite powered React framework | Fatih Aygün | ViteConf 2022

The Art of Humble Views: Testing React Native Apps the Smart Way - Mo Khazali, TestJS Summit 2023

Julian Benegas - Create Engaging "Scrollytelling" Experiences with React & GSAP

Go Reactive with Angular Signals | Deborah Kurata | ng-conf 2023

React Server Components: A New Way to Build Fast and Interactive Web Apps - Aurora Lid Walberg

Accessibility at Discord - Brandon Dail, React Advanced 2021

Using Mediapipe to Create Cross Platform Machine Learning Applications With React - Shivay Lamba

Fons Van Der Plas Pluto jl – reactive and reproducible notebooks for Julia | JupyterCon 2023

"LiveViewJS is the anti-SPA library for reactive app development in NodeJS and Deno" by Donnie Flood

Josh Goldberg - Setting Up ESLint and TypeScript for React

The Epic Stack - Kent C. Dodds, React Summit US 2023

Succeeding at Reactive Architecture - Ian Cooper - NDC London 2023

Rashmi Nagpal - Build your Machine Learning Model on Edge with React Native

Lee Robinson - Next.js Metamorphosis, React Summit 2023

Sendil Kumar - A case study on successful migration - React Live 2023

Using useEffect Effectively – David Khourshid, React Advanced London 2022

Carly Richmond - Monitoring Digital Experience to Determine Feature Effectiveness - React Live 2023

Let’s Remix to Localize Content! – Arisa Fukuzaki, React Day Berlin 2022

Incremental Static Regeneration: Static Sites on Steroids - Facundo Giuliani, React Advanced 2021

ElixirConf 2023 - Tim Gremore - Replacing React: How Liveview solved our performance problems

Alexandra Spalato - Remix: Embracing Web Standards to Redefine Modern Web Development - React Live

Christopher Chedeau - Video Editing in the Browser, React Summit 2023

Building a Headless Site with Remix, WPGraphQL & Web Fundamentals – Jeff Everhart React Summit 2022

Large Scale Projects Challenges (NextJS - Contentful) – Leonidas Mamais, React Summit 2022

Christoph Nakazawa - How Not to Build a Video Game, React Summit 2023

The Rise of the AI Engineer - Shawn Swyx Wang, React Summit US 2023

Turbopack. Why? How? When? and the Vision... – Tobias Koppers, React Day Berlin 2022

Debugging a Non Reproducible Crash - Alexandre Moureaux, React Advanced 2021

Find Out If Your Design System Is Better Than Nothing – Arseny Smoogly, React Summit 2022

DjangoCon 2022 | From React to htmx on a real-world SaaS product: we did it, and it's awesome!

Javascript Should Come With Batteries - Luca Casonato, React Day Berlin 2023

Medhat Dawoud - Daily Brush for Website Speed: Embrace the Performance Budget Ritual - React Live

Marta Vasconcelos - What I Wish I Had Known About Frontend User Tracking - React Live 2023

Tasos Bitsios - The Power of SSE: unidirectional streaming protocol you aren't using - React Live

Anisha Malde - A Story(book) about testing - React Live 2023

Chris Heilmann - MisplAIced - good AI solutions need good UX - React Live 2023

Kent C. Dodds - The Epic Stack - React Live 2023

Bay Area Rust May 2023: Raph Levien on Xilem Vector Graphics

Day 1 Lightning Talks | JupyterCon 2023

How to rebuild digital services for a multi-national restaurant chain from scratch

Stephen Macke - Python as a Hackable Language for Interactive Data Science | PyData Global 2023

Day 2 Lightning Talks | JupyterCon 2023

Headless commerce with Shopify Hydrogen and Vite, Fran Dios, ViteConf 2022

Angular Community Meetup en Español | July 11th, 2023 | Aspectos destacados de Angular en ng-conf

Fine-Tuning Your Angular Workflow with Nx: Beyond the CLI | Juri Strumpflohner | ng-conf 2023

The Future of Energy - Richard Campbell - NDC London 2023

Asynchronous PHP | Florian Engelhardt

Superpowers with Signals | Emma Twersky & Alex Rickabaugh | ng-conf 2023

TresJS. Declarative way of creating 3D scenes from Vue component - Alvaro Saburido, Vue.js Live 2023

Supercharging JAMstack apps with multiple APIs via GraphQL Pipelines

Angular Momentum – Minko Gechev, JSNation 2023

Full stack web development with RedwoodJs

Asynchronous PHP In Examples #slideless | Denys Bulakh

Jamstack is Eating the World | The 2021 Jamstack Community Survey

Turbopack: DX Matters • Tobias Koppers • GOTO 2023

Exploring Spring Boot Clients: A Comprehensive Overview by Patrick Baumgartner

ORM, 20 years later by Gavin King