React Summit 2022 - React Open Source Awards Ceremony

Key takeaways
  • React Summit 2022 hosted the React Open Source Awards ceremony to honor open-source contributors.
  • The awards recognized projects in various categories, including Bake Through Project of the Year, Productivity Booster, Fun Side Project of the Year, Breakthrough Project of the Year, and Most Impactful Contribution to the Community.
  • Remix won the Breakthrough Project of the Year award for its focus on web standards and modern web app UX.
  • React Use, a library of hooks for leveraging hardware capabilities, won the Productivity Booster award.
  • Cube Run, a synthwave-styled infinite runner game, won the Fun Side Project of the Year award.
  • ReactJS Girls, a community for women and non-binary people in React, won the Most Impactful Contribution to the Community award.
  • The awards highlighted the contributions of open-source developers and the importance of community support in the React ecosystem.