Testing conference talks

The Art of Humble Views: Testing React Native Apps the Smart Way - Mo Khazali, TestJS Summit 2023

Twitter Space | Testing: unit (testing-library/react) and end-to-end/integration

Learning Test-Driven Development • Saleem Siddiqui & Dave Farley

Tiny Tests, Large Results – Nikolay Advolodkin, TestJS Summit 2022

🚀 Integration Testing with Docker and Testcontainers (Sergei Egorov)

Fighting Test Flakiness with Time Machines - Filip Hric, TestJS Summit 2023

Full-Circle Testing With Cypress - Filip Hric, TestJS Summit 2022

Testing Web Applications with Playwright - Debbie O'Brien, TestJS Summit 2022

Everyone Can Easily Write Tests - Debbie O'Brien, TestJS Summit 2023

Effective Performance Testing to your Server with Autocannon – Tamar Twena-Stern, TestJS Summit'21

Mastering Testcontainers by Oleg Šelajev

Spring Boot ❤️ Testcontainers by Iván López

Acceptance Testing for Continuous Delivery – Dave Farley

Testable Angular Forms | Martine Dowden | ng-conf 2022

Developing, Documenting, and Testing your Vite app with Storybook | Ian VanSchooten | ViteConf 2022

Learn About Node.js New Built-in Test Runner

How NOT to Write a Test in Go - Amir Malka

Unit Testing Done Right (Jakub Pilimon)

BDD To The Bone: Acceptance Testing with Behave and Selenium

RailsConf 2023 - Teaching Capybara Testing - An Illustrated Adventure by Brandon Weaver

Test Driven Development with C# - from Padawan to Jedi - Scott Sauber - NDC Porto 2023

PyData Triangle March 2022 Meetup

Keynote: Testing Modern Web Apps Like a Champion with Andrew Knight

Anisha Malde - A Story(book) about testing - React Live 2023

DjangoCon 2022 | Quality Assurance in Django - Testing what matters

Continuous Regression Testing for Safer and Faster Refactoring in C++ - Pejman Ghorbanzade - CppCon

GTAC 2015: The Uber Challenge of Cross-Application/Cross-Device Testing

Infrastructure as Code Programs: How to Test, Finally by Daniel Sokolowski and Guido Salvaneschi

Noexcept? Enabling Testing of Contract Checks in C++ - Pablo Halpern & Timur Doumler - CppCon 2023

Thijs Feryn - Distributed load testing with k6

🚀 Integrated Tests Are A Scam (J.B. Rainsberger)

Angular Component Testing Best Practices | Jordan Powell | ng-conf webinar

ElixirConf 2023 - Jenny Bramble - Black Box Techniques for Unit Tests

Growing the PHP Core – One Test at a Time | Florian Engelhardt

Akshat Jaimini: Making pgweb rock-solid: Using the Testing Harness to ensure the quality of pgweb

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Turning test writing into a consistently brief and pleasant experience

SAINTCON 2023 - Philip Kemp & Scott Henderson - Beyond the Annual Penetration Test

Vitest: testing DX reimagined, Vladimir, ViteConf 2022

GTAC 2015: Robot Assisted Test Automation

Your tests are mocking you - Jakub Zalas

Test Software On Emulated Hardware In Containers... In The Cloud

Dan Neciu - Modern Testing Practices in Frontend Applications - JSWORLD 2023

factory_boy: testing like a pro with Camila Maia - DjangoCon US 2022

Cypress Component Testing, Jessica Sachs, ViteConf 2022

Load Testing Crash Course with Gatling by Stéphane Landelle

Back to Basics: Testing in C++ - Phil Nash - CppCon 2023

GTAC 2016: How Flaky Tests in Continuous Integration

My 25 Laws of Test Driven Development - Dennis Doomen - NDC Porto 2023

Unit Testing with JUnit Jupiter - How to Use the new JUnit Jupiter Platform

GTAC 2016: OpenHTF - The Open-Source Hardware Testing Framework

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Mutation Testing - Neal Brooks

Back to Basics: C++ Testing - Amir Kirsh - CppCon 2022

Thijs Feryn - Distributed load testing with k6

Once upon a load test in real time | Stéphane Hulard

Managing the Test Data Nightmare - Andrew Knight

DPC2022: Use an API contract for testing and development!

Writing sustainable automated tests

Boosting Test Coverage for Microservices - Laura Vuorenoja

Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to your Automation Framework

Empathetic testing: Developing with compassion and humility.

Kathryn Grayson Nanz - Usability Testing for Developers

Alan Una Larisa - Writing tests for a Django application doesn't have to suck

DjangoCon 2022 | factory_boy: testing like a pro

Unit Test Your Java Architecture With ArchUnit by Roland Weisleder

CakePHP Test Fixture Factories | Juan Pablo Ramirez

Alexander Hultnér - API-schema-based testing with schemathesis

Increase your productivity on personal projects with comprehensive docs and automated tests - DCUS

Testing Hack with Hammock - Riya Dashoriya - PHP UK 2020

Django migrations, friend or foe? Optimize your Django migrations for faster testing

User testing in production: how to run a public beta - Eli Holderness - NDC Porto 2023

TDD Revisited - Ian Cooper - NDC Porto 2023

To TDD or not to TDD: that is the question! by Marco Consolaro

SAINTCON 2023 - Ian Briley - Getting the Most Out of Your Web Application Pentest

SAINTCON 2023 - Mark Walker - 7 Lessons Learned

Leonardo Giordani - Clean Architectures in Python

Pipeline-oriented programming - Scott Wlaschin - NDC Porto 2023

To Mock or Not to Mock - That's the Question - Rita Castro, React Advanced 2021

RubyConf 2023 - Livin’ La Vida Hanami by Tim Riley

Living the Best Life on a Legacy Project - James Titcumb

Building Microservice Architecture for scale with Django - DjangoCon US 2022

The Ideal Programming Language • Richard Feldman & Erik Doernenburg

DPC2019: Interface Segregation for PHP - Dan Ackroyd

Value-oriented Design in an Object-oriented System - Juan Pedro Bolivar Puente - CppCon 2021

Trust Deterministic Execution to Scale & Simplify Your Systems • Frank Yu • YOW! 2023

SAINTCON 2016 - Jeremy Cox (supertechguy) - Getting Involved with the Lawmaking Process

The awful agony of the app store: When software delivery goes wrong Clare Sudbery at LeadDev London

Shifting from Syntax to Secure Software Development Processes • Laura Bell Main • YOW! 2023

Clean Code: Eternal Practices – Jakub Pilimon

Advent of Code: Behind the Scenes

Angular Community Meetup | Feb 28th, 2023 | Quantarius Ray, Alisa Duncan, & Colum Ferry

A Mir Formality walkthrough (2022-06-29)

Decoding DDD: A Three-Tiered Approach to Django Projects

Cypress for angular devs hands on workshop | Jordan Powell & Ely Lucas | n-g conf 2022

RubyConf 2023 - The Secret Ingredient: How To Understand and Resolve Just... by Alan Ridlehoover

Building Operable Software with TDD (but not the way you think) - Martin Thwaites - NDC London 2023

The art of living with broken things - James Westfall - NDC TechTown 2023

DPC2020: My Top 10 PHPUnit Tips & Tricks - Juliette Reinders Folmer

Building Operable Software with TDD (but not the way you think) by Martin Thwaites

Florens Gressner | Trust in Al - Is your AI Compliant and Explainable? | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Contributing to Django or how I learned to stop worrying and just try to fix an ORM Bug Ryan Cheley