Tiny Tests, Large Results – Nikolay Advolodkin, TestJS Summit 2022

Discover the benefits of atomic tests in this insightful talk from TestJS Summit 2022. Learn how atomic tests can enhance the speed, stability, and accuracy of your automated testing process.

Key takeaways
  • Automated atomic tests test only a single feature or component.
  • Atomic tests are faster and more stable than traditional automated tests.
  • They decrease latency and UI interactions, making them less brittle.
  • Atomic tests help us understand the functionality of an application.
  • They can be used to test login mechanisms, add items to a cart, or access private application interfaces.
  • Atomic tests can be implemented using web requests or the UI.
  • Cypress is a popular tool for writing atomic tests.
  • Atomic tests can be used to improve the quality and stability of our automated tests.