Automation conference talks

AutoML: from data acquisition to predictions in production in a few clicks

Automated Machine Learning

A Cellular Automaton with Rust and Bevy - Diemo Heuer - Rust Linz, October 2022

Stop fighting useless battles: automate code style, architecture compliance by Roberto Franchini

Tutorials - Olga Matoula, Aya Elsayed: Automate Documentation with Sphinx & GitHub Actions

Greg Michaelson AutoML as it should have always been | JupyterCon 2023

Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios - Coding Automation Lesson #1: Please Be Lazy - JSWORLD 2023

How to Build Your First C++ Automated Refactoring Tool - Kristen Shaker - CppCon 2023

Automation Is Hard & We Are Doing It Wrong • Johan Abildskov • GOTO 2022

Ethos behind my Home Automation Journey

How to Get Started With Process Automation • Bernd Rücker & Richard Seroter

37C3 - Unlocking the Road Ahead: Automotive Digital Forensics

Beatriz Martinez & Ignacio Verona – Next generation network operation through automation

Who is afraid of automation?

Anton Chernikov - Automate your tasks with Python and publish with Chat Apps

Improving Open Source Ecosystem Sustainability Through Automation & Seamless Contribution Process

Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to your Automation Framework

GTAC 2015: Robot Assisted Test Automation

RollBack - A New Time-Agnostic Replay Attack Against the Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Systems

The path to agile DevSecOps – a holistic approach of automation, orchestration and correlation

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | The evolution of a Website into a radio automation back-end.

Writing sustainable automated tests

Automatic Image Cropping for Online Classifieds | Alexey Grigorev

Hongjoo Lee - Automating machine learning workflow with DVC

DPC2019: Automatic Web Page Optimisation in Pure PHP - Albert Peschar

How to Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR)? - VB

Josh Goldberg - Detecting React bugs automatically with linting and TypeScript - React Live 2023

Voxxed Days Ioannina 2024 - Magic of Automation and Everyday Chores

The Troubles of Automating “all the Things” | J. Paul Reed

MLOps, Automated Machine Learning Made Easy

Fueling the New Age of B2B GTM with AI and Automation

Increase your productivity on personal projects with comprehensive docs and automated tests - DCUS

Sales & Marketing #AI and Automation Strategies - The Power of Efficiency

Hayri Göcke | AI enabling automated maintenance | Rise of AI Conference 2023

The evolution of a Django Website into a radio automation back-end

Automatically Process Your Operations in Bulk With Coroutines - Francesco Zoffoli - CppCon 2021

Shuffle Up and Deal: Analyzing the Security of Automated Card Shufflers

GitLab CI and Kubernetes: deploying Applications continuously to Kubernetes | Alexander Trost

Infrastructure as Code Programs: How to Test, Finally by Daniel Sokolowski and Guido Salvaneschi

Chris Rackauckas - how compiler smarts can help improve the performance of numerical methods

Ryan May - Building MetPy for the Long Term | SciPy 2023

C4 Models as Code • Simon Brown • YOW! 2022

Ara Pulido – Kubernetes at Datadog Scale

PHP UK 2023 - King Vault

Angular Community Meetup en Español | Feb 14th, 2023 | Mayra Rodríguez & Christian Sánchez

RailsConf 2023 - Keynote: Aaron Patterson

Spring Boot ❤️ Testcontainers by Iván López

Marco Gorelli - Polars and time zones: everything you need to know | PyData Global 2023

Understanding Idiomatic React – Joe Savona, Mofei Zhang, React Advanced 2023

Expert Talk: gRPC, Kubernetes & .NET • Mark Rendle & Matt Turner

Supercharging JAMstack apps with multiple APIs via GraphQL Pipelines

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg | Full Interview | Code 2022

SAINTCON 2023 - Christopher Forte - Full Stack for "Hackers"

Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps engineers at | Nicole Yip

Bare-Metal Chronicles: Tinkerbell, Cluster API & GitOps • Katie Gamanji • GOTO 2022

Ramón Medrano Llamas – Oops. I broke the Google, now what?

Suhail Patel at StaffPlus London 2023

Securing the Future: Balancing Cybersecurity and Innovation. Panel moderated by Elvīra Krēķe

Abusing Your CI/CD: Running Abstract Machine Learning Frameworks Inside Github Actions (Global 2020)

Julia López -Using Multiple Databases with Active Record - Rails World 2023

Kris Buytaert – Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned

Zen and the Art of Organizational Open Source - Paula Paul

Operations: the last Mile for DevOps | Damon Edwards

David: Making MLOps uncool again

William Arias - Deploy your Machine Learning Bots like a boss with CI/CD

Bootstrapping to $7M in 2.5 years

Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions - Brian Douglas

Reasons and Ways to Improve Code Quality – Venkat Subramaniam

Release It! • Michael Nygard & Trisha Gee

Christian Adell Querol – The role of the Network Engineer in the DevOps era

Tiny Tests, Large Results – Nikolay Advolodkin, TestJS Summit 2022

DOs and DON'Ts of managing numerous very large databases at CERN by Andrzej Nowicki

LeadDev London 2022 Neil Kimmett

Juan Luís Buenosvinos – Improving your Kubernetes DevOps implementation in complex scenarios

Principles of Effective Developers by Sebastian Daschner

Improving Ebay's Development Velocity – Randy Shoup

From 0 to Kubernetes. Eine Einführung zur Container-Orchestrierung mit praktischen Antworten auf die

Smart Home mit openHAB

Sendil Kumar - A case study on successful migration - React Live 2023

Serverlesspresso: Building a Scalable, Event-Driven Application • Julian Wood • GOTO 2022

Horacio González - Let's dive into Kubernetes operator creation

Fine-Tuning Your Angular Workflow with Nx: Beyond the CLI | Juri Strumpflohner | ng-conf 2023

Alex Oskotsky, Bill Donelly & Johnathan Constance - The impact of AI on DevSecOps organizations

Marc Cluet – Managing DevOps Teams, staying alive

Greg Vernon: Don't Do High Availability, Do Right Availability (PGConf.EU 2023)

Horacio González - Let's dive into Kubernetes operator creation

Opening Keynote Incident Management in the Age of DevOps by Damon Edwards

Don Norman and Mick McManus on "Design in the Age of AI: A design debate"

Cultivating Production Excellence • Liz Fong-Jones • YOW! 2019

DPC2023: Our journey from Gitflow to Trunk Based Development

SAINTCON 2023 - Chandler McClellan - Unleashing Pandora's Code

Mature Microservices & How to Operate Them • Sarah Wells • YOW! 2019

Embracing DevOps Practices to create a Culture of Quality in Cloud Platform Teams / Nayana Shetty

Hosting and DevOps for Django with Benjamin "Zags" Zagorsky

Federica Ciuffo and Christian Melendez - Building sustainable architectures with Kubernetes

How practical is “DevSecOps” really? – A field report | Maximiliane Zirm

Practical Path to Infrastructure as Code at Scale | Sean O'Dell

Test Software On Emulated Hardware In Containers... In The Cloud

Best Practices for Implementing GitOps at Scale: The Move Towards Cloud-Native | Kim-Norman Sahm

SAINTCON 2023 - James Cabe - Building an Isolated Recovery Environment