Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios - Coding Automation Lesson #1: Please Be Lazy - JSWORLD 2023

Learn how to automate coding tasks and improve your productivity with linters, auto-formatters, snippets, documentation, boilerplate, fake data, code standards, personal databases, AI tools, and Git hooks.

Key takeaways
  • Linters: Tools that alert developers about potential code issues, ensuring code quality.
  • Auto-formatters: Tools like Prettier automatically format code to maintain consistency and readability.
  • Snippets: Templates that help generate code quickly and easily, saving time and reducing repetitive tasks.
  • Documentation: Creating thorough documentation helps onboard new developers and ensures everyone has the necessary context to understand the codebase.
  • Boilerplate: Static code that can be reused across projects, reducing the need to rewrite common elements.
  • Fake data: Generating mock data for testing and development purposes, allowing developers to work without real data.
  • Code standards: Establishing coding conventions and guidelines to ensure consistency and maintainability within a project.
  • Personal database: Creating a personal repository of solutions and notes to help solve similar problems in the future.
  • Artificial intelligence: Utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT to generate text and data, potentially aiding in documentation and code generation.
  • Git hooks: Automating tasks within the Git workflow, such as running tests or generating commit messages.