Stop fighting useless battles: automate code style, architecture compliance by Roberto Franchini

Automate code style and architecture compliance with tools like pre-commit and ArcUnit, reducing time spent on code reviews and approvals, and enabling faster development.

Key takeaways
  • Stop fighting unnecessary battles by automating code style and architecture compliance using tools like pre-commit and ArcUnit.
  • Use pre-commit to run hooks on code before committing, to ensure it meets certain standards.
  • ArcUnit can automate unit testing and refactoring of existing code bases.
  • Rules can enforce code style and architecture compliance, such as removing system.out and using a logger.
  • Automating refactorings can reduce the amount of code reviewed and approved.
  • Use a pre-commit hook to check for formatting, spacing, and other code quality issues.
  • Pre-commit can also check for dependencies and cyclic dependencies.
  • ArcUnit can be used to automate conversions between Java versions.
  • Automating refactorings can also reduce the amount of time spent on code reviews.
  • Enforce code conventions and naming conventions using rules.
  • Automate refactoring of code to reduce the amount of work required.
  • Use a CI system to run pre-commit hooks and ensure code meets certain standards.
  • Make sure to test and verify the automated refactorings.
  • Pre-commit can be customized to meet specific company needs.
  • Automating code review and refactoring can help reduce conflicts between team members.
  • Use ArcUnit to automate testing of code and catch errors early.
  • Make sure to document the rules and conventions used by the team.
  • Automating code review and refactoring can help reduce the time spent on coding.