Hayri Göcke | AI enabling automated maintenance | Rise of AI Conference 2023


Discover how AI is revolutionizing maintenance and mobility operations. Explore edge computing, computer vision, mobile robots, and AI-enhanced assembly processes. Learn about E-Check, Navigate Sys, and Gestalt Robotics' innovative solutions.

Key takeaways
  • AI enables automated maintenance and critical mobility in operations.
  • Edge computing is the enabler for 5G and AI-based skills.
  • Computer vision is a core technology for AI lifecycle and quality assessment.
  • Mobile robots can be used for autonomous mobility and mobile manipulation.
  • AI can be used to enhance assembly processes and laboratory automation.
  • E-Check is a project to digitize maintenance processes and enable lost and found use cases.
  • Navigate Sys is a platform enabling 5G and edge computing for mobile devices and stationary devices.
  • Gestalt Robotics is a software company that builds integrated solutions around AI and robotics.
  • The company is working with large corporations and medium-sized companies to solve their needs.
  • Gestalt Robotics is actively involved in research and development to bring forward the shop floor of today.