Ai conference talks

Bring AI-Based Search to Your Web App – Sebastian Witalec, JSNation 2023

Bobur Umurzokov - Build AI-powered data pipeline without vector databases | PyData Global 2023

Intersecting Frontiers Panel: The AI-Web3 Nexus and Its Game-Changing Implications | Futurist 2023

Stefan Kahl & Josef Haupt - AI-powered bioacoustic monitoring with BirdNET [PyData Prague]

ElixirConf 2023 - Alfonso Gonzalez - Embedded System w/ Elixir for millions AI-based point of sales

MoustachedBouncer: AitM-Powered Surveillance via Belarus ISPs

Hayri Göcke | AI enabling automated maintenance | Rise of AI Conference 2023

AI for software development: A reality check | Birgitta Boeckeler | LeadDev Berlin 2023

KI Park - AI can improve our lives. We are working on it | Rise of AI Summit 2020

Fixing Airplanes with Clojure - Dom Kiva Meyer

Java Meets AI: How to build LLM-Powered Applications with LangChain4j by Lize Raes

Rising Titan – Mistral's Roadmap in Generative AI | Slush 2023

Applying AI to Reimagine Your Product and Your Company to Make a Quantum Leap Forward in Tough Times

Rise of AI Virtual Chat Customer Experience | 25.02.2021 | in Partnership with AWS

How AI Will be Used in the Software Industry

Dr. Björn Bringmann | AI in Europe - the good news | Rise of AI Conference 2023

AI Solutions | Rise of AI Summit 2020

Luciano Resende, Felipe Barros Elyra an AI development workspace based on Jupyter Notebooks

How to Create and Grow AI Ecosystems | Panel | Rise of AI Conference 2023

37C3 - What I Learned from Loab: AI as a creative adversary

How Generative AI Will Reshape Gaming | CCP, Believer & Lightspeed | Slush 2023

The Rise of the AI Engineer - Shawn Swyx Wang, React Summit US 2023

Keynote: Guardians of the AI Era: Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape of Tomorrow

Prof. Dr. Beril Sirmacek | Trustworthy AI - opening up the black box

Back-2-Back: How Game Dev is Being Rewritten by AI. With Tiago Correia & Gordon Midwood

Chris Heilmann - MisplAIced - good AI solutions need good UX - React Live 2023

Navigating the ethical landscape of generative AI and journalism

Unlocking the Potential of AI - April Edwards & Henk Boelman - NDC Porto 2023

Keynote: As an Artist, AI Is Your Assistant, Not Your Competitor! by Bernhard Wagner

Dr. Björn Bringmann | Race to AI – A Global Perspective | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Fabian Westerheide | Opening & State of AI 2023 | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Practically engaging with AI

Dr. Feiyu Xu | Enterprise AI | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Florian Dohmann | Let's give AI some Hope | Rise of AI Conference 2023

AI Won't Take Your Job | Hovhannes Avoyan (Picsart) & Kia Kokalitcheva (Axios) | Slush 2023

Elisa Czerski | Embodied AI: How will it define our future? | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Florian Dohmann | The New AI | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Fabian Westerheide | Opening Rise of AI Conference 2022 | Global AI Strategy

Shaun Moore | How Bias Impacts AI | Rise of AI Conference 2023

AIoT – Actionable Intelligence of Things

Florens Gressner | Trust in Al - Is your AI Compliant and Explainable? | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Prof. Dr. Joanna Bryson | No one should trust AI | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Prof. Dr. Christian Guttmann | Lessons learnt from the Nordic AI ecosystem | Rise of AI Conference

David Qiu Jupyter AI: Bringing Generative AI to Jupyter | JupyterCon 2023

Dr.-ING. Susan Wegner | Quantifying sustainability of an AI project | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Can Germany be a technology leader in AI? | Panel | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Dr. Fei Yu Xu | Generative AI for Industries | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Ragnar Kruse | How to scale and internationalize AI companies | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Ronny Fehling | AI for a Better World | Rise of AI Conference 2023

From AI Demos to Delivering AI Products | Moveworks & Kleiner Perkins | Slush 2023

Claudia Pohlink | Data Centric AI | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Panel | Can AI Heal the World? | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit | Large AI Models in a Global Perspective | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Dr. Leif-Nissen Lundbæk & Andreas Grün | Responsible AI for carbon neutrality | Rise of AI 2023

Dr. Katharina von Knop | Reduce fear of AI with neuropsychology | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Chris Boos | AI Is Happening Now, Deal with It or Die | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Panel | Challenges of the European AI Ecosystem | Rise of AI Conference 2022

How Can AI Help Create A More Inclusive World? | David Monaghan, Dr. Ben Goertzel, Sandra Healy | AI

Dilek Sezgün | How you could use AI to catalyse Sustainability | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Edmondo Orlotti | Supporting the AI Journey through 2030 | Rise of AI Conference 2022

Marian Gläser | Globally Sourced Data for AI Training | Rise of AI Conference 2023

DPC2023: Making PHP Smarter: Introducing AI into PHP Applications

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke | AI and Quantum Computing Transforming the Landscape | Rise of AI 2023

In conversation with the Godfather of AI

Practical Applications of Generative AI: How to Sprinkle a Little AI in Your App - Phil Haack

Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez - Who needs ChatGPT? Rock solid AI pipelines with Hugging Face and Kedro

How the Founder & CEO of Sapia ai Overcame Three Big Challenges to Build an Enterprise AI SaaS and R

Beyond Boundaries: The Future of AI & Large Language Models

Risks of AI Risk Policy: Five Lessons

Prof. Dr. Ralf Herbrich | Artificial Intelligence and Energy | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Dr. Sandro Gaycken | Deep tech capabilities in intelligence and defense | Rise of AI Conference 2023

Hugo Bowne-Anderson - Orchestrating Generative AI Workflows to Deliver Business Value

Jonas Andrulis | The last Project | Rise of AI Conference 2022

ElixirConf 2023 - Charlie Holtz - Building AI Apps with Elixir

37C3 - Numerical Air Quality Modeling Systems

Rise of AI Virtual Chat Manufacturing | 25.02.2021 | In Partnership with AWS

Panel Discussion: AI’s Impact on Developers - Emily Freeman & James Quick

Robots Are After Your Job: Exploring Generative AI for C++ - Andrei Alexandrescu - CppCon 2023

Panda to gibbon is the least of your worries: why securing AI is not what you think - Sarah Young

AI and Everything Else - Benedict Evans | Slush 2023

Don Norman and Mick McManus on "Design in the Age of AI: A design debate"

Andres Freund: The path to using AIO in postgres (PGConf.EU 2023)

AI and Web Development: Hype or Reality – Wes Bos, JSNation 2023

Language: The next stronghold to be taken by AI

The Rise of Generative AI and its Implications for Marketing and Sales Teams

The Great AI Revolution - How Epic Could the Disruption Be?

Community Driven Data Collection and Consent in AI - Jessica Rose

Jurity: State of the Art Open Source Software for AI Fairnessevaluation - Melinda Thielbar

Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit | How Universal are Foundation Models? | Rise of AI Conference 2023

From Remote to #ai | Mark Jordan Skillnet | Future Workforce

Bart van Erp - Brain-Inspired Natural AI: Unlocking Intelligence

Quick Start with AI for Businesses | Dr. Ulrich Bodenhausen | ML Conference 2018 Spring

Building the AI for Athena Crisis - Christoph Nakazawa, JS GameDev Summit 2023

Transforming Industries with AI | Olivier Blais, Alan Gormley, Marie Toft, Jonathan Keane | DTS 2023

Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli Boost productivity with generative AI and scalable development using Jupy

Alex Oskotsky, Bill Donelly & Johnathan Constance - The impact of AI on DevSecOps organizations

37C3 - Self-cannibalizing AI

Next generation AI: Emotional Artificial Intelligence based on audio | Dagmar Schuller

The Truth About Artificial Intelligence - Ireland's #AI Ambassador

ML Conference 2019 - Human / AI Interaction Loop Training as a new Approach for interactive Learning