KI Park - AI can improve our lives. We are working on it | Rise of AI Summit 2020


Discover how AI can revolutionize our lives at the Rise of AI Summit 2020. KI Park, a German initiative, aims to connect, apply, and educate in AI, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Key takeaways
  • AI can improve our lives and we are working on it.
  • KIIPAC will have an integrated education approach involving industry and academia.
  • Transparency and integrity are important in the space, especially respecting human and data rights.
  • Building trust and a track record will change mindsets and attitudes towards AI.
  • AI education is crucial, covering a diverse set of skills, including technical, business, and digital ethics.
  • Germany has the potential to be a competitive player in AI, but needs to overcome its own competitive thinking.
  • The KIIPAC aims to connect, apply, and educate AI in Germany, creating a thriving ecosystem for collaboration.
  • The Marine Park in Berlin will be Europe’s largest data center, providing infrastructure and space for AI development.
  • The KIIPAC wants to inspire and encourage a larger group of people to embrace AI and jump into the field.
  • The initiative brings together leaders from different sectors to lay the foundation and invite others to join.
  • The greatest challenge is changing mindsets and fostering a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The KIIPAC offers resources, support, and access to experts and networks for startups and corporates.
  • The initiative aims to create a platform for people to connect, develop AI, and access multiple cloud providers.
  • The KIIPAC is open to everyone, including businesses, startups, academia, and individuals interested in AI.