Security conference talks

Roc Alayo Arnabat & Sergi Rosell Ferrer - GitOps in Modern Security-Compliant Environments

Roc Alayo Arnabat & Sergi Rosell Ferrer - GitOps in Modern Security-Compliant Environments

PyData Chicago January 2023 Meetup | Securday: Natural Language Network Scanner

PAR: Securing the OAuth and OpenID Connect Front-Channel - Dominick Baier - NDC Security 2024

Why Security Is Important in ML and How To Secure Your ML-based Solutions | Rachid Kherrazi

Security Champions? Introduce them in your Organisation | Ives Laaf

The insecurity of OAuth 2.0 in frontends - Philippe de Ryck - NDC Security 2023

Adelina Simion & Artur Kondas - The shimmy to the left: why security is coming for engineers

Why Should Developers Care about Container Security? - Eric Smalling

SHIFT left, not S#!T left - How to launch your shift left security effort | Larry Maccherone

Introduction to Kubernetes Security - Marc Boorshtein

Getting API security right - Philippe De Ryck - NDC London 2023

Security Best Practices for Django Applications with Gajendra Deshpande - DjangoCon US 2022

DevOps Tech: Shifting Left on Security (Presented by:

Java Security & the Java Ecosystem • Nicolas Frankel & Preben Thorø

Protect Your Code with GitHub Security Features • Rob Bos • GOTO 2023

Alex Soto - Securing Secrets in the GitOps era

Philipp Krenn - Open Policy Agent: security for cloud natives and everyone else

Talks - Nina Zakharenko: Why You Should Care About Open Source Supply Chain Security

Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern - Dominick Baier

Houston, We Have a Problem: Analyzing the Security of Low Earth Orbit Satellites

ElixirConf 2023 - Michael Lubas - Elixir Security: a Business and Technical Perspective

37C3 - Writing secure software

Decoding Modern Tech: Cloud, APIs, Wasm, Security, & More • Daniel Bryant & Matt Turner • GOTO 2023

Glitched on Earth by Humans: A Black-Box Security Evaluation of the SpaceX Starlink User Terminal

Open Source Pentesting and Security Analysis Tools: the DevOps way… #slideless

Say Vulnerabilities One More Time - Ending Open Source Security Fatigue - Alyssa Miller

Securing Microservices with Auth0 and MicroProfile in Kubernetes without a hassle | Ondro Mihalyi

Armon Dadgar – Zero Trust Security

Taking your crypto security to the next level

Security By Design • Ana Oprea • GOTO 2023

In Defence of PHP - Stephen Rees-Carter - NDC Security 2023

Defender-Pretender: When Windows Defender Updates Become a Security Risk

Route to Bugs: Analyzing the Security of BGP Message Parsing

Staying Safe and Secure with Angular | Alisa Duncan | ng-conf Webinar

Zero Trust Security for your APIs - Akshata Sawant Perimeter security is dead, get over it.

From Hackathon to Hacked: Web3's Security Journey

SAINTCON 2023 - Chad Walker - Securing Big Stupid Machines

The Hacker's Guide to JWT Security - Patrycja Wegrzynowicz

Adam Števko - Journey to Securing the Cloud: Detecting and Fixing Misconfigurations at Datadog

How secure is your build/server? a story of packages and trust

Philipp Krenn - Open Policy Agent: security for cloud natives and everyone else

Go security pitfalls; 2 lessons from the battlefield at Grafana Labs - Jeremy Matos

Adam Števko - Journey to Securing the Cloud: Detecting and Fixing Misconfigurations at Datadog

Securing the Future: Balancing Cybersecurity and Innovation. Panel moderated by Elvīra Krēķe

DPC2021: Securing PHP APIs with Decentralised Identity Tokens - Mohammad Shahbaz Alam

Catching Commits to Secure Infrastructure as Code • Rosemary Wang • GOTO 2023

Alex Soto - Securing Secrets in the GitOps era

SAINTCON 2023 - Chris Honda - Making Security Happen Without Being A Jerk

Deputy National Security Advisor, Cyber & Emerging Tech Anne Neuberger | Full Interview | Code 2022

SAINTCON 2023 - Jesse Harris - DNS as a Security Tool

How to Secure Your Node.js Containers on Kubernetes With Best Practices - Deepu K Sasidharan

[VDCLUJ22] Laurențiu Spilcă - The new Spring Security

How to Build a Distributed & Secure Database Ecosystem with PostgreSQL - Trista Pan - PGCon 2022

Security in Drupal: what can go wrong?

Attack on Titan M, Reloaded: Vulnerability Research on a Modern Security Chip

AI Assisted Decision Making of Security Review Needs for New Features

🚀 Securing Your Infrastructure with Vault (Paul Stack)

GNUnet: A network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applicati…

Revolutionising Information Security with Blockchain - Certihash Sentinel Node | #LDNBlockchain23

Google Reimagined a Phone. It was Our Job to Red Team and Secure it.

Protect against unknown security vulnerabilities - Bastian Hofmann

Building Secure Microservices in Azure - Jimmy Bogard - NDC London 2023

The Hacker’s Guide to Kubernetes Security by Patrycja Wegrzynowicz

Shuffle Up and Deal: Analyzing the Security of Automated Card Shufflers

Over the Air, Under the Radar: Attacking and Securing the Pixel Modem

SAINTCON 2023 - Derek Espiritu - Breaking Into Cyber Security

Process Injection: Breaking All macOS Security Layers With a Single Vulnerability

Security Chaos Engineering • Kelly Shortridge, Aaron Rinehart & Mark Miller

US Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler | Full Interview | Code 2021

Calculating Risk in the Era of Obscurity: Reading Between the Lines of Security Advisories

Gajendra Deshpande - Deceptive Security using Python

37C3 - Security Nightmares

Everything You Need to Know about Security Issues in Today’s ML Systems | David Glavas

Javascript Should Come With Batteries - Luca Casonato, React Day Berlin 2023

Irene Comalada – DevSecOps, stay away from being in the news

How practical is “DevSecOps” really? – A field report | Maximiliane Zirm

LeadDev San Francisco 2022 Nanzeen Rupawalla

LeadDev Berlin 2022 Lusia Emme

How to Prevent Your Kubernetes Cluster From Being Hacked | Nico Meisenzahl

SAINTCON 2023 - Philip Kemp & Scott Henderson - Beyond the Annual Penetration Test

leyrer: Noch besser leben mit SSH

Building a wallet? Here’s what you need to consider | Kevin Healy, Liam Missim | #LDNBlockchain23

Als modernes Unternehmen das Internet der Dinge sicher nutzen

Dora Militaru - Zen and the art of edge authentication

What is Linux kernel keystore and why you should use it in your next application - Ignat Korchagin

DjancoCon 2022 | KEYNOTE: What should you have to worry about

Rebuilding the Financial System of the Internet with Web3 I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Into the hive of eBPF! by Mohammed Aboullaite

DPC2023: Building the World: the story behind Wolfi, the Linux undistro built for containers

API World Conference: Building the Nervous System of the Enterprise

liz: Wireguard – Einfache, robuste und sichere VPNs

When the sh** hits the fan, volume 2 -- Bigger, badder, now with Drupal 9 included

OsmoDevCall - Using pySim-shell on sysmoISIM-SJA5 cards

SAINTCON 2023 - Christopher Forte - Full Stack for "Hackers"

PHP UK 2023 - King Vault

SAINTCON 2023 - Matt Durrin - The Need For Speed

37C3 - All cops are broadcasting

Shaping Language in Cybersecurity For People • Ceri Jones • GOTO 2023