Devops conference talks

DevOpsCon Spring 2019 Keynote -- Operations: the last Mile for DevOps

How we killed DevOps by creating a dedicated DevOps team | Adam Nowak

Driving Culture Change through DevOps, and Vice Versa / Speakers: James Betteley & Sara Milne

Making DevOps Valuable | Sasha Rosenbaum

Christian Adell Querol – The role of the Network Engineer in the DevOps era

Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps engineers at | Nicole Yip

Kris Buytaert – Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned

Marc Cluet – Managing DevOps Teams, staying alive

Amit Rathi, Vinay Kakade Simplify DevOps with Executable Notebooks | JupyterCon 2023

Juan Luís Buenosvinos – Improving your Kubernetes DevOps implementation in complex scenarios

Embracing DevOps Practices to create a Culture of Quality in Cloud Platform Teams / Nayana Shetty

Txema González Balseiro & Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez – Zero Trust DevOps with Azure & Github Actions

Expert Talk: DevOps & Software Architecture • Simon Brown, Dave Farley & Hannes Lowette

Augusto Bott - Bridging the Gap: The Vital Role of DBAs while contributing to the DevOps Culture

DevOps Tech: Shifting Left on Security (Presented by:

🚀 DevOps is Not Enough – Re-thinking IT from Scratch (Uwe Friedrichsen)

The things I've seen, how DevOps is evolving in practice (Keynote) - Jabe Bloom

Paula Julve – SMART ethics for devops

Opening Keynote Incident Management in the Age of DevOps by Damon Edwards

Operations: the last Mile for DevOps | Damon Edwards

Augusto Bott - Bridging the Gap: The Vital Role of DBAs while contributing to the DevOps Culture

Open Source Pentesting and Security Analysis Tools: the DevOps way… #slideless

Hila Fish – Open-Source: Open Choice - A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption

DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates | Baruch Sadogursky

The Inner Workings of Vite Build - Matias Capeletto, DevOps.js Conference 2022

Levelling up Monorepos with npm Workspaces - Ruy Adorno, DevOps.js Conference 2022

DevOps loves Edge: How to deploy and monitor applications across thousands of sites | Carl Moberg

DevOps Checklist for Distributed Systems:Unleashing the Power of Observability(DeveloperWeek Global)

Kubernetes Decision by Kobi Biton | Session at DevOpsCon Munich 2022

pnpm – a Fast, Disk Space Efficient Package Manager for JavaScript - Zoltan Kochan, DevOps.js Conf

Hosting and DevOps for Django with Benjamin "Zags" Zagorsky

Viktor Farcic – DevOps Is All About Building Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

Two Frames on Development and Operations | Jabe Bloom

MLOps, Automated Machine Learning Made Easy

Dr. Paul Elvers: Getting Started with MLOps: Best Practices for Production-Ready ML Systems | PyData

KEYNOTE: GitHub -- The Interconnected Developer Community and the Evolution of Software Productivity

Nerea Luis – Artificial Intelligence seen from the software development lifecycle perspective

Building Green Software Part 4: Operational Efficiency • Anne Currie

MLOPS 101: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices- Vladimir Osin | PyData Eindhoven 2021

David: Making MLOps uncool again

The Data Janitor returns | Daniel Molnar

How to move a highly critical system and 60k machines in the cloud (Keynote)

LeadDev Berlin 2022 Sorrel Harriet

The path to agile DevSecOps – a holistic approach of automation, orchestration and correlation

"What We Learned Dissecting the World's Most Popular Containers" by Ayse Kaya (Strange Loop 2022)

Improving Ebay's Development Velocity – Randy Shoup

Beatriz Martinez & Ignacio Verona – Next generation network operation through automation

The Importance of Forgetting for Both Humans & Machines • Robert Crowe • GOTO 2022

Make developers fly; Principles for platform engineering - Mahavir Teraiya

SAINTCON 2023 - Ian Briley - Getting the Most Out of Your Web Application Pentest

Continuous Architecture in Practice • Eoin Woods & Simon Brown

Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions - Brian Douglas

Oliver Tena & Pere Alcoberro - 1 platform and multiple clusters, teams & countries. The Allianz case

Making cloud native work for your org

Security Champions? Introduce them in your Organisation | Ives Laaf

Platform Engineering on Kubernetes • Mauricio Salatino & Thomas Vitale • GOTO 2023