Viktor Farcic – DevOps Is All About Building Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

Discover how internal developer platforms (IDPs) empower developers with self-sufficiency, boosting productivity and accelerating app delivery. Learn how Kubernetes, Crossplane, GitOps, and the shift-left principle contribute to IDP success.

Key takeaways
  • Internal developer platforms (IDPs) are a layer of tooling and processes that enable developers to be self-sufficient.
  • IDPs can be used to create and manage clusters, databases, and other services.
  • IDPs can help to improve developer productivity and reduce the time it takes to get new applications to market.
  • Kubernetes is a popular platform for building IDPs.
  • Crossplane is a tool that can be used to extend Kubernetes and create custom resources.
  • GitOps is a practice that can be used to manage the state of an IDP.
  • Shift left is a principle that encourages developers to move tasks that are traditionally done later in the development process to earlier in the process.
  • IDPs can help to reduce the number of repetitive tasks that developers have to perform.
  • IDPs can help to improve the quality of applications by providing developers with better tools and processes.
  • IDPs can help to reduce the cost of developing and maintaining applications.