Driving Culture Change through DevOps, and Vice Versa / Speakers: James Betteley & Sara Milne

Discover how DevOps and culture are intertwined, and how to measure and improve your organization's culture using DevOps metrics. Learn from experts James Betteley and Sara Milne.

Key takeaways
  • DevOps is about bringing Dev and Ops together to ensure a smooth, continuous flow of value through products into production.
  • Culture is a key driver for DevOps success, and it can be measured using various metrics.
  • One way to measure culture is to use the Westrom model, which places organizations on a scale ranging from pathological to generative.
  • DevOps can be used to shift an organization’s culture towards a more generative one.
  • Some key DevOps metrics that can be used to measure culture include:
    • Deployment frequency
    • Lead time for changes
    • Mean time to recovery
    • Change failure rate
    • Defect escape rate
  • By tracking these metrics over time, organizations can see how their culture is changing and make adjustments as needed.
  • Some tips for creating a DevOps culture include:
    • Start small and experiment.
    • Expect resistance and be prepared to address it.
    • Focus on impact and show that DevOps can make a difference.
    • Communicate, share, and give feedback.
    • Use data to drive change and measure progress.