Javascript conference talks

Una Kravets - The Best JavaScript is No JavaScript

Misko Hevery - Speeding Up Your React App With Less JavaScript, React Summit 2023

You can't do that with JavaScript! - Espen Sande-Larsen - NDC Porto 2023

"Of JavaScript Ahead-Of-Time Compilation Performance" by Manuel Serrano (Strange Loop 2022)

Javascript Should Come With Batteries - Luca Casonato, React Day Berlin 2023

Locknote: How JavaScript Happened: A Short History of Programming Languages - Mark Rendle

Building a Voice-Enabled AI Assistant With Javascript – Tejas Kumar, JSNation 2023

DEADScript: The Role Of JavaScript In Web Sustainability – Henri Helvetica, JSNation 2023

Experience of Creating JavaScript Games

Um, its about your JavaScript...

JSNation Conference 2022 - JavaScript Open Source Awards Ceremony

JavaScript Haikus: My Adventures in Tiny Coding - Frank Force, JS GameDev Summit 2023

ElixirConf 2023 - Chris Nelson - LiveView: The javascript you need while keeping the Elixir you love

pnpm – a Fast, Disk Space Efficient Package Manager for JavaScript - Zoltan Kochan, DevOps.js Conf

"Time Travel Debugging JavaScript Applications" by Cecelia Martinez (Strange Loop 2022)

Ives van Hoorne - All the ways to execute JavaScript code - React Live 2023

Make me a JS Object Model - Milko Kosturkov - PHP UK 2022

How To Get Your Website Into the Cloud (Extended Session) - Kerim Satirli

Why are web applications slow, and what to do about it | Misko Hevery | ng-conf 2022

The Next Wave of Web Frameworks is BYOJS – Brandon Roberts, JSNation 2022

RailsConf 2023 - Teaching Capybara Testing - An Illustrated Adventure by Brandon Weaver

Lukas Taegert-Atkinson | Reinventing Rollup | ViteConf 2023

Boosting Web Engagement with Symfony UX - Mathéo Daninos

Giorgio Boa - Improve your React hydration with Qwik - React Live 2023

Keynote: Kent C. Dodds - The Web's Next Transition

R3ACT: A Frightening Look At Performance Figures - Henri Helvetica, React Summit US 2023

Tutorials - Ted Patrick: Writing Serverless Python Web Apps with PyScript

Distributed load testing with k6 - Thijs Feryn - NDC London 2024

A Journey Into Fuzzing WebAssembly Virtual Machines

Distributed Hash Tables, Video, and Fun! - Thomas Gebert & Nick Misturak

Multiplatform Kotlin Library Development

RailsConf 2024 - Revisiting the Hotwire Landscape after Turbo 8 by Marco Roth

Symfony is RAD - Rick Kuipers

Rapid Web Productivity in Elm - Single Page Apps & More • Christopher Biggs • YOW! 2019

Nim on everything From microcontrollers to web-sites, C and JS as intermediary languages

The Hat Trick: Exploit Chrome Twice from Runtime to JIT

Keynote: A Conversation with Tom Preston-Werner | ViteConf 2023

Elian van Cutsem - All Things Astro - DevWorld 2024

Making Awesome Games with LittleJS - Frank Force, JS GameDev Summit 2022

Ship your UI faster with Turborepo - Anthony Shew, DevOps.js Conference 2024

OSS Is Out to End the Framework Wars: Jamstack Conf 2022 Opening Keynote

Exploring React Server Component Fundamentals - Daishi Kato, React Day Berlin 2023

RailsConf 2024 - Crafting Rails Plugins by Chris Oliver

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | HTMX vs WASM - more backend or more frontend?

Web Apps of the Future With Web AI – Jason Mayes, JSNation 2024

ng-conf Webinar | Angular Reactive Forms with TinyMCE

"A Hipster History of CORS" by Devdatta Akhawe (Strange Loop 2022)

Una Kravets - Less Cruft, More Power: Leverage the Power of the Web Platform - React Miami 2024

Developer Tools That Shouldn't Be Secrets • Christian Heilmann • GOTO 2022

WebAssembly in Production: A Compiler in a Web Page • Brian Carroll • GOTO 2023

Oh The Scripts We'll Load - A Performance Talk by Tim Kadlec

Matt Biilmann - JAMstack at Scale: why pre-built markup is critical

Fixing Airplanes with Clojure - Dom Kiva Meyer

Nikola Mitrovic - Superpowers of browser's Web API - DevWorld 2024

Ryan Dahl - State of Deno - DevWorld 2024

Brian Douglas - Visualizing Open Source Data in React - React Miami 2024

Yaroslav Shmarov - Hotwire Cookbook: Common Uses, Essential Patterns & Best Practices - Rails World

Functional Programming in Vite with Elm | Lindsay Wardell | ViteConf 2022

Christopher Chedeau - Video Editing in the Browser

Modern Web Debugging – Jecelyn Yeen, JSNation 2023

Why you should consider WebAssembly in your next Frontend Project | Håkan Silfvernagel

Resumable Applications with Miško Hevery

Advanced HTML for Good Developers - Mandy Michael - NDC Sydney 2024

The Unlikely Friendship Between React and Rust – Sara Vieira, React Advanced 2023

Frontend World - DevWorld 2024

Oops—I guess we're full-stack developers now

Boosting Frontend Speed: Quick Wins for Backend Developers - Paul Conroy

HODOR: Reducing Attack Surface on Node.js via System Call Limitation

DPC2019: Automatic Web Page Optimisation in Pure PHP - Albert Peschar

Alicia Rojas - Building an offline experience with a Rails-powered PWA - Rails World 2023

Crypto Heist: The Aftermath of a Government Website Cryptojacking Attack • Scott Helme • GOTO 2023

RubyConf 2023 - Lightning Talks

React Server Components: A New Way to Build Fast and Interactive Web Apps - Aurora Lid Walberg

Jamstack Conf 2022: The Jamstack Survey Results are in!

Tejas Kumar - React as a Developer Health Tool

Understanding Idiomatic React – Joe Savona, Mofei Zhang, React Advanced 2023

Levelling Up Your Web Scraping Game - Ian Littman - PHP UK 2022

DjangoCon Europe 2024 | API Maybe: Bootstrapping a Web Application circa 2024

DjangoCon 2022 | From React to htmx on a real-world SaaS product: we did it, and it's awesome!

Introduction to GitHub Actions: Understanding Key Terms and Building Your First GitHub Action

Saurabh Daware | Introducing Abell, a New Vite-Powered Static-Site-Generator | ViteConf 2023

Chris Laffra - PyScript - Python in the browser

Keynote: Why web tech is like this - Steve Sanderson - NDC London 2023

The Future of Performance Tooling – Addy Osmani, JSNation 2022

Paint by Pixel: An Introduction to Procedural Art Through WebGL and Fragment Shaders

Marco Roth - The Future of Rails as a Full-Stack Framework powered by Hotwire - Rails World 2023

Everything You Should Know About Web Development in 2022 – Stefan Judis

In-memory database with indices from scratch - Hana Dusíková - NDC TechTown 2023

ShopTalk Show Live Recording

10 Years of Independent OSS: A Retrospective – Evan You, JSNation 2024

Running Blazor in production, lessons learned - Jimmy Engström - NDC London 2023

Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern - Dominick Baier

Bringing a Mobile C++ Codebase to the Web - Li Feng - CppCon 2022

🚀 Client-side Machine Learning (Nikhila Ravi )

Josh Goldberg - Setting Up ESLint and TypeScript for React

The Evolution of the Node.Js Ecosystem (DeveloperWeek Global 2020)

Web3 for web developers - Building on NEAR Protocol I Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

Turbopack: DX Matters • Tobias Koppers • GOTO 2023

Opt in Design – The New Era of React Frameworks – Ben Holmes, React Advanced 2023

Keynote, How Vite Came to Be | Evan You | ViteConf 2022