OSS Is Out to End the Framework Wars: Jamstack Conf 2022 Opening Keynote

Explore the future of frameworks and the JavaScript ecosystem with our opening keynote, where we discuss the evolution of frameworks, the importance of specialization, and the need for performance-driven and community-driven solutions.

Key takeaways
  • Frameworks are natural to evolve over time, just like jQuery did.
  • There are multiple use cases for frameworks, and each one serves a different purpose.
  • The shift towards more specialized frameworks is due to the need for performance and the desire for change.
  • People are looking for frameworks that meet specific needs, rather than trying to use a single framework for all use cases.
  • The trust in frameworks has changed, with people now looking for frameworks that are open source and community-driven.
  • There is a need for platforms that support different use cases, and this is driving the creation of new frameworks.
  • The JavaScript ecosystem has moved on, and people’s needs have changed.
  • Performance is a major concern, and frameworks that prioritize performance will succeed.
  • People are looking for frameworks that are easy to use and provide good performance.
  • Having experts in multiple frameworks can be costly and fractures development teams.
  • The demand for all-encompassing frameworks has driven the creation of more specialized frameworks.
  • Collaboration between framework authors is important for the growth of the web.
  • The web has changed a lot over the decades, and people’s needs have changed.
  • People want to see innovation in frameworks, and new ideas are being explored.
  • The idea of a silver bullet framework that solves all use cases has failed, and people are looking for frameworks that solve specific problems.
  • Open source projects can be successful without being driven by business goals.
  • The next step for the web is to see a panel of 20 framework authors, with each one sharing their ideas and perspectives.