Python conference talks

Python-based ML and HPC workflows in the Cloud for science and engineering I PyData Chicago 2022

Kalyan Prasad - Python-Driven Portfolios: Bridging Theory and Practice for Efficient Investments

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Teaching Children Python-What Works?

Juan Nunez-Iglesias - View, annotate, and analyze multi-dimensional images in Python with napari

Sponsor Presentation—S. Ostrowski: Accelerate your workflow from local Python prototype to the cloud

Sponsor Presentation - How to build stunning Data Science Web applications in Python

Cheuk Ho - How to be Pythonic? Design a Query Language in Python

Sponsor Presentation - Python Profiling State of the World

Extending Clojure with Python - Chris Nuernberger

James Ing Wei Tang - Honey, There Is a Python in My Android Phone!

Ondřej Vostál - Async Python modules in Rust [PyData Prague 2022-12-13]

Tutorials - Ted Patrick: Writing Serverless Python Web Apps with PyScript

Tutorials - Trey Hunner: Intro to Python for Brand New Programmers

Talks - Erik Tollerud: How Python is Behind the Science of the James Webb Space Telescope

Serge Sans Paille - Tooling for Static Analysis of Python Programs

Lidi Zheng, Pau Freixes - gRPC Python, C Extensions, and AsyncIO

Juanita Gomez, Jarrod Millman - Scientific Python: from `__init__` to `__call__` | SciPy 2023

Michał Wodyński - Difficulties of Python code development:packages,virtualenvs and package mangers

Sebastian Witowski - Python Versions and Dependencies Made Easy

Chris Laffra - PyScript - Python in the browser

Aaron Meurer - Toward Array Interoperability in the Scientific Python Ecosystem | SciPy 2023

Tutorials - Dave, Bianca, Valerio, Mahe: Publishing your Python project, the conda way

Vincent Gosselin Taipy or how to build stunning Python Applications from your Jupyter Notebooks |

Sponsor Presentation - Johannes Messner: Modern, typed Python for (multimodal) ML

Talks - Uzoma Nicholas Muoh: Improving Efficiency in Transportation Networks using Python

RustConf 2023 - A Rust-based garbage collector for Python

Ramon Perez - A Roadmap for Turning Theory and Data Projects into Python Packages

Sponsor Presentation—Advancements in High-Performance AI/ML through PyTorch's Python Compiler

David Nicholson - VocalPy: a core Python package for acoustic comms research | PyData Global 2023

Pedro Holanda - DuckDB: Bringing analytical SQL directly to your Python shell

Method Resolution Order (MRO) in Python with Sanyam Khurana - DjangoCon US 2022

Kick-Start your Understanding of Machine Learning with Python | ML Con 2018 Spring

Charlas - Oscar Cortez: Modernizando tu paquete Python con pyproject y hatch

Dorian Van den Heede - Your best Bet: Effortless MLOps with Python Models in dbt

Cesar Garcia - Improving Open Data Quality using Python | PyData Global 2023

Joris K. - Building Fast Packages Faster: Julia as a Backend to Python and R

Talks - Valerio Maggio: Pythonic `functional` (`iter`)tools for your data challenges

Sarah Gibson - Sharing Reproducible Python Environments with Binder

Elizaveta Shashkova - The Hidden Power of the Python Runtime

Bence Arató - The Python Data Visualization Landscape in 2020

Cool stuff in Python 3 you might not be using

Shaurya Agarwal - All Them Data Engines: Data Munging with Python circa 2023 | PyData Global 2023

Gajendra Deshpande - Fighting Money Laundering w/ Python & Open Source Software | PyData Global 2023

DjangoCon 2022 | The (Python) Magic of Django: A Tour of the Codebase

Gautam Prajapati - Advanced Infrastructure Management in Kubernetes using Python

Tutorials - Geir Arne Hjelle: Introduction to Decorators: Power Up Your Python Code

Martin Christen: Creating 3D Maps using Python

Arthur Andres - Unified batch and stream processing in python | PyData Global 2023

Axel Donath - Gammapy: a Python Package for Gamma-Ray Astronomy Version v1.0

Anton Chernikov - Automate your tasks with Python and publish with Chat Apps

Raymond Hettinger: Numerical Marvels Inside Python - Keynote | PyData Tel Aviv 2022

Yuliia Barabash - Data Harvest: Unlocking Insights with Python Web Scraping | PyData Global 2023

Stephan Sahm - – Reactive Notebooks for Python

Talks - Victor Stinner: Introducing incompatible changes in Python

Rajeev Jain - UXarray, a python library for unstructured climate and weather data | SciPy 2023

Juan De Dios Santos - Getting better at Pokémon using data, Python, and ChatGPT | PyData Global 2023

Stephen Macke - Python as a Hackable Language for Interactive Data Science | PyData Global 2023

Eran Friedman - Boosting simulation performance with Python

Ruud van der Ham - Simulation of logistic systems in Python with salabim

Ryan O'Neil - Build on-demand logistics apps w/ Python, OR-Tools, & DecisionOps | PyData Global 2023

Practical Geometric Deep Learning in Python • Pantelis Elinas • YOW! 2019

Sponsor Presentation - Python & Bloomberg: An Open Source Duo

Aleksander Molak: Practical graph neural networks in Python with TensorFlow and Spektral

Heidrich, Kiraly, & Ray - sktime - python toolbox for time series | PyData Global 2023

Ravi Singh - Unravelling Hidden Technical Debt in ML: A Pythonic Approach to Robust Systems

Jim Dowling - From zero to a working ML system with Python, free serverless services + FTI pipelines

Charlas: Resolviendo crimenes con Python mediante el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (NLP)

Keynote: Come on in, the Water’s Fine: Making Python More Approachable - DjangoCon US 2022

Talks - William Woodruff: Ergonomic codesigning for the Python ecosystem with Sigstore

Building your first chatbot in Python - Rachael Tatman | PyData Jeddah

Charles D Lindsey - Bayesian Statistics with Python No Resampling Necessary | SciPy 2023

Jan Soubousta - How we built a Python SDK for our (open) APIs [PyData Prague 2022-12-13]

Daniel Ringler: Sankey Plots with Python

Tracy Teal - Scientific and technical publishing with Python and Quarto | SciPy 2023

Franz Kiraly: sktime - python toolbox for time series: advanced forecasting - probabilistic, glob...

Gilberto Hernandez - Build & deploy a Snowflake Native Application using Python | PyData Global 2023

Charlas - Marina Moro López: Biohacking con Python: cómo convertirse en el señor Burns fluorescente

image analysis and visualization in Python with scikit-image, napari, and friends | SciPy 2023

Leonardo Giordani - Clean Architectures in Python

Sharing memories of Python and Rust The story of a lifetime inside Mercurial

Nicolò Giso - From telemetry data to CSVs with Python, Spark and Azure Databricks

Tutorials - Patrick Arminio: Build a production ready GraphQL API using Python

Irene Iriarte - Building The Perfect Personalised Menu Using Python

Stephan Sahm - Reactive Notebooks for Python

Gajendra Deshpande - Deceptive Security using Python

A pythonic full-text search with Paolo Melchiorre - DjangoCon US 2022

Tutorials - Mike Müller: The How and Why of Object-oriented Programming in Python

Thomas J. Fan - Can There Be Too Much Parallelism? | SciPy 2023

Jim Kitchen & Erik Welch - GraphBLAS for Sparse Data and Graphs | SciPy 2023

Shin-Rong Tsai - libyt: a Tool for Parallel In Situ Analysis with yt

Guido van Rossum - Guido van Rossum Q&A

Scale EDA & ML Workloads To Clusters & Back With Dask I PyData Chicago January 2022 Meetup

Alessandra Bilardi - From your laptop to all resources you need by your Jupyter notebook | PyData

Tutorials - Reuven M. Lerner: Comprehending comprehensions

Aaron Meurer, Sangyub Lee, Anutosh Bhat - SymPy Introductory Tutorial | SciPy 2023

Matt Harrison - Idiomatic Pandas | SciPy 2023

Mariatta Wijaya: Welcome to PyCon US 2023

DjangCon 2022 | 🐍 ❤️ 🦀

Lucas Hale- Designing user friendly APIs for the NIST Interatomic Potentials Repository | SciPy 2023

DjangoCon Europe 2023 | HTMX vs WASM - more backend or more frontend?