Python Software Foundation Update

Python Software Foundation Update: Learn about the PSF's fundraising efforts, community initiatives, diversity and inclusion goals, and plans for PyPI, security, and advocacy.

Key takeaways
  • The Python Software Foundation (PSF) raised $60,000 at the PyCon fundraising auction.
  • The PSF is working with other organizations to develop a code of conduct and is investing in community security.
  • The PSF is also investing in community outreach and education, and is providing support for local communities.
  • The PSF aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the Python community, and is working to increase representation from underrepresented groups.
  • The Outstanding PyLady Award was established to recognize the contributions of women and non-binary individuals in the Python community.
  • The PSF is also working on improving the PyPI package repository, and is planning to hire a PyPI support person.
  • The PSF is continuing to invest in security, with a focus on open source software.
  • The PSF is also involved in advocacy efforts, and is working to raise awareness about the importance of open source software.
  • The PSF is looking to hire a new executive director, and is planning to hold elections for the board in June.
  • The PSF is also planning to release an annual impact report, which will detail the organization’s activities and accomplishments.
  • The PSF is committed to transparency and accountability, and is working to engage with the community in order to better understand their needs and priorities.