r2cloud - Decode satellite signals on Raspberry PI

Decode satellite signals on Raspberry Pi with r2cloud, a Java-based software that supports various protocols, automates observations, and offers real-time decoding and data visualization.

Key takeaways
  • Java-based software for decoding satellite signals on Raspberry Pi.
  • Single-language implementation for the entire stack, from data reception to decoding.
  • Supports various satellite protocols, including LRPT, FSK, and QPSK.
  • Utilizes a single-thread approach for efficient processing on Raspberry Pi’s limited resources.
  • Includes a built-in scheduler for automating satellite pass observations.
  • Provides real-time decoding and data saving capabilities.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for visualizing and analyzing decoded data.
  • Open-source and freely available for use and modification.
  • Capable of running on both MacBooks and Raspberry Pis, ensuring portability and flexibility.
  • Employs pre-allocated buffers to optimize memory management and reduce garbage collection overhead.
  • Features extensive testing to ensure accuracy and reliability of the decoding process.
  • Plans for future improvements include optimizing power consumption for solar panel operation and integrating with Google Maps for visualizing weather changes over time.