SAINTCON 2023 - Vince Kenney - Cybercrime Incorporated

At SAINTCON 2023, Vince Kenney delves into the world of cybercrime, revealing how organized crime groups operate like businesses, using cybercrime techniques to target high-value victims.

Key takeaways
  • Organized crime groups, like the Cali Cartel and the Conti Group, are financially motivated and operate like businesses.

  • The Cali Cartel used corruption and violence to facilitate their drug trafficking business, while the Conti Group used cybercrime techniques to target high-value victims.

  • Both organizations had strong leadership and a clear organizational structure, with different departments and roles.

  • The Cali Cartel laundered money through legitimate businesses, while the Conti Group used cryptocurrencies to cash out their profits.

  • The fall of the Cali Cartel was caused by internal conflicts, pressure from law enforcement, and the rise of rival cartels, while the Conti Group’s downfall was triggered by the Conte leaks and pressure from the US government.

  • The US government plays a crucial role in combating cybercrime through various agencies like the FBI, DHS, and DOJ, which work together to disrupt cybercriminal activities.

  • Partnerships with threat researchers and the general public are essential for the FBI to gather intelligence and identify vulnerabilities in cybercriminal networks.

  • Cybercrime organizations often target critical infrastructure and services, causing significant economic damage and disruption.

  • The rise of cryptocurrencies has facilitated ransomware payments and made it easier for cybercriminals to monetize their attacks.

  • Whistleblowers and informants within cybercrime organizations can provide valuable information to law enforcement, leading to the disruption and takedown of these groups.