APIs are Evolving. Again – Luca Maraschi & Matteo Collina, JSNation 2023

Discover how APIs have evolved and where they're headed, exploring technological advancements, past innovations, and the importance of developer experience and usability in shaping the future of application programming interfaces.

Key takeaways
  • APIs are evolving, just like they did in the past
  • Technological advancements, like open source and developer experience, have driven this evolution
  • Adéjà vu: we’ve been down this road before
  • Java was a pioneer in the world of APIs
  • Ruby on Rails revolutionized the way we build web applications
  • Node.js brought fast and powerful development
  • Microservices and distributed systems are now the norm
  • The journey has been circular, revisiting past concepts and technologies
  • The Platformatic Runtime is a new technology that enables multiple applications to run within the same Node.js runtime
  • It’s important to focus on developer experience and ease of use to move forward
  • The industry has learned a lot, and we should continue to evolve, but not recreate the wheel (again)
  • The future of APIs will be about usability, efficiency, and innovation