DPC2019: The UI is THE APPLICATION - Antonio Perić-Mažar

Discover how user interface is the key to creating successful products that connect with users on an emotional level. Learn from Antonio Perić-Mažar's insights on designing for the future, accessibility, and the importance of user testing.

Key takeaways
  • Good design is hard, and good user experience is even harder.
  • The primary goal of technology should be connecting people through emotion and improving lives.
  • User interface is almost everything, from cars to websites.
  • We need to design for the future and try to predict what will happen.
  • We should not presume anything about our users and test our designs with real people.
  • Accessibility is important, and we should design for everyone, including those with disabilities.
  • User experience is the entire process of designing and creating products to meet the needs of users.
  • We should focus on building good user interfaces and user experiences, as they are essential for the success of any product.
  • We should not be afraid to break rules and try new things when designing our interfaces.
  • We should use data to understand our users and make informed decisions about our designs.
  • We should test our designs with real users to get feedback and improve our products.