How to Start Building Your First Bitcoin SV App | Ty Everett, Brayden Langley | #LDNBlockchain23

Learn how to build your first Bitcoin SV app with Meta Net Client, AuthRight, Packet Pay, and Bot Crafter. Discover the power of micropayments, open protocols, and decentralized identity. #LDNBlockchain23

Key takeaways
  • Meta Net Client: A piece of software that sits on your computer and manages your private keys, used to facilitate micropayments.
  • AuthRight: A middleware that enables authentication and authorization for HTTP requests.
  • Packet Pay: A system similar to AuthRight, used as a drop-in replacement for window.fetch, enabling micropayments.
  • Bot Crafter: A marketplace where users can create, sell, and buy AI chatbots, with custom personalities and the ability to trade them as NFTs.
  • Micropayments: A payment model that allows users to pay small amounts for goods and services, enabling a more efficient and equitable economy.
  • Open Protocols: A set of standards and protocols that enable interoperability and communication between different systems and applications.
  • BSP Blockchain: The blockchain protocol that underlies the Meta Net, providing a secure and scalable foundation for decentralized applications.
  • Identity and Data Control: A focus on putting users in control of their own identities and data, empowering them to make choices about how their information is used.
  • Decentralization: A commitment to building a decentralized platform that is not controlled by any single entity, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Encouraging developers to build new and innovative applications on the Meta Net, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and entrepreneurship.