Travel in a time of no travel - Alyssa Newcomb, Gillian Tans

In a time of travel restrictions, Alyssa Newcomb and Gillian Tans discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. They explore safety measures, booking flexibility, domestic travel trends, sustainability, and the role of online reviews.

Key takeaways
  • The travel industry is experiencing a significant downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Safety and hygiene are top priorities for travelers, and businesses need to be transparent about their policies and procedures.
  • Flexibility in booking policies is essential to give consumers confidence to book travel.
  • Domestic travel is recovering faster than international travel, and local experiences are becoming more popular.
  • The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards sustainability in travel, with consumers increasingly looking for eco-friendly options.
  • The recovery of the travel industry will be a long process, and it is unclear when it will return to pre-COVID levels.
  • The aviation and hotel industries are closely intertwined, and the recovery of one will depend on the recovery of the other.
  • is working with accommodation partners to help them adapt to the changing travel landscape and capture domestic demand.
  • Online reviews are becoming increasingly important for travelers, and businesses should encourage customers to leave feedback.
  • Travel has a positive impact on the world, and it is important to support local communities and businesses when traveling.