37C3 - Link-Extremismus und Pressefreiheit

In the digital age, journalists must navigate link-extremism and press freedom. Critical evaluation skills and transparency are key to responsible link usage.

Key takeaways
  1. The primary role of journalists is not to provide links in the media.
  2. It is important for journalists to understand the root of links in the media.
  3. The internet platform is not the only place where links can be found.
  4. Links can be found in traditional media as well.
  5. The content of links is not always clear.
  6. Links can be used to spread misinformation and propaganda.
  7. Journalists need to be aware of the potential dangers of links.
  8. Journalists need to be able to critically evaluate links before sharing them.
  9. Journalists need to be transparent about their use of links.
  10. Journalists need to be held accountable for the links they share.