AMD President and CEO Lisa Su | Full Interview | Code 2021

AMD CEO Lisa Su's Code 2021 interview stresses long-term planning, adaptability, and collaboration in the semiconductor industry to meet customer demands and address challenges like the global chip shortage.

Key takeaways
  • AMD President and CEO Lisa Su emphasized the importance of long-term planning and adaptability in the semiconductor industry.

  • She highlighted the need for companies to focus on their core strengths and collaborate with partners to achieve success.

  • Su stressed the significance of customization and flexibility in meeting customer demands, particularly in the era of cloud computing and data-intensive applications.

  • She acknowledged the challenges posed by the global chip shortage and the need for increased investment in semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Su expressed her commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, emphasizing the importance of creating opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities.

  • She discussed the potential of heterogeneous computing, combining different types of processors to optimize performance and efficiency.

  • Su highlighted the growing demand for supercomputing capabilities and the role of AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx in expanding their offerings in this area.

  • She emphasized the importance of security in the semiconductor supply chain and the need for collaboration among industry players to ensure the integrity of products.

  • Su acknowledged the geopolitical challenges in the semiconductor industry, particularly regarding China’s role and concerns about intellectual property theft.

  • She expressed her belief that the semiconductor industry is essential for global economic growth and that national security and IP protections are crucial for the industry’s competitiveness.