"Astronaut Horse: Stable Diffusion Artist Collaborations" by Tom Betthauser (Strange Loop 2023)

Discover how "Astronaut Horse: Stable Diffusion Artist Collaborations" empowers artists with critical agency, explores ownership and authorship in AI art, and pushes the boundaries of traditional and digital art.

Key takeaways
  1. Artist Agency and Critical Engagement: The project aimed to empower artists with critical agency, allowing them to engage with the process, critique it, and not feel subject to it.

  2. Textual Inversion Training: This technique was identified as a meaningful attempt to show artists images inspired by their work, resulting in interesting and thought-provoking outcomes.

  3. Ownership and Authorship: The project explored the complex questions of artistic ownership and authorship in the context of AI-generated art, emphasizing that the type of ownership artists are interested in having is theirs to define.

  4. Historical Exploration and Critical Discourse: The project delved into the historical aspects of art, using AI to explore the potential for historical exploration and critical discourse on art.

  5. Community and Collaboration: The project was driven by a strong sense of community and collaboration, involving artists, researchers, and software engineers working together to push the boundaries of AI-assisted art creation.

  6. Blurring the Line Between Traditional and Digital Art: The project challenged traditional notions of art by creating works that seamlessly blended traditional and digital techniques, blurring the lines between the two.

  7. Educational Potential: The project highlighted the educational potential of AI in art, providing artists with new tools and techniques to explore their creativity and engage with technology.

  8. Open-Source and Accessibility: The project’s tools and resources were made openly available, promoting accessibility and encouraging further exploration and experimentation within the community.

  9. Ethical Considerations: The project acknowledged the ethical implications of AI-generated art, particularly regarding copyright and ownership, and encouraged ongoing discussions on these issues.

  10. Future Directions: The project outlined potential future directions, including exploring new fine-tuning techniques, integrating 3D capabilities, and facilitating artist-run trainings and installations.