DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Django for life (sciences)

Django's explicitness, simplicity, and powerful tools make it an ideal choice for building and maintaining long-term life sciences applications.

Key takeaways
  • Django’s explicitness and simplicity make it easier to maintain code over the long term.
  • The Django admin is a powerful tool for quickly building user interfaces and managing data.
  • Django’s integration with PostGIS and GeoDjango makes it easy to work with geographic data.
  • Django’s long-term release cycle provides stability and predictability for projects.
  • Django’s large and active community provides support and resources for developers.
  • Django’s documentation is comprehensive and well-written, making it easy to learn and use the framework.
  • Django’s test suite is extensive and reliable, helping to ensure the quality of code.
  • Django’s deployment options are flexible and allow for easy deployment to a variety of platforms.
  • Django’s scalability allows it to handle large amounts of traffic and data.
  • Django’s security features help to protect applications from attacks.