ElixirConf 2023 - Lightning Talks

Learn how to effectively mentor junior engineers, implement multi-tenancy with Ecto, debug Elixir code with Livebook, and optimize build times using Docker at ElixirConf 2023.

Key takeaways
  1. Hold their hand: Sometimes, it’s helpful to guide junior engineers through tasks, especially when they’re new to a codebase or language.
  2. Make them drive regularly: Encourage junior engineers to take ownership of their work and drive projects forward.
  3. Capture the why, not the what: When reviewing code, focus on understanding the intent behind the changes rather than just the specific implementation.
  4. Suggest, don’t dictate: When providing feedback, offer suggestions rather than dictating what should be done.
  5. Promote participation: Encourage everyone on the team to participate in code reviews and discussions.
  6. Identify bugs and propose refactorings: When reviewing code, look for potential bugs and suggest improvements to the code structure or design.
  7. Think about security, documentation, and testing: Consider the security implications of code changes, add documentation to help others understand the code, and write tests to ensure that the code works as expected.
  8. Use Ecto for multi-tenancy: Ecto provides several features that make it easy to implement multi-tenancy in Elixir applications.
  9. Use Livebook for debugging: Livebook can be used to debug Elixir code interactively, which can be helpful for understanding how the code works and identifying bugs.
  10. Use Docker for faster builds: Docker can be used to speed up build times by caching build artifacts.