Getting Started with PHP-FFI | Thomas Bley

Discover how to leverage the power of PHP-FFI and Go to interact with C code, optimize performance-critical code, and create complex data types in PHP. Learn how to call Go code from PHP and execute SQL queries quickly using PHP-FFI and DuckDB.

Key takeaways
  • PHP-FFI allows interaction with C code in PHP
  • Go is a programming language that can be used to create shared libraries
  • PHP-FFI can be used to call Go code from PHP
  • Go has automatic memory management through the garbage collector
  • C and Go have different types and conversions need to be made to work with each other
  • PHP-FFI provides functions for converting between types and handling errors
  • Go code can be integrated with PHP to leverage the strengths of each language
  • PHP-FFI and Go can be used to optimize performance-critical code
  • SQL queries can be executed quickly using PHP-FFI and DuckDB
  • PHP-FFI allows for the creation of complex data types in PHP
  • Go can be used to create complex data types that can be used with PHP-FFI