Navigating Django's Future: Djangonaut Space

Django.Space: A Comprehensive Program to Support and Retain New Contributors in the Django Community

Key takeaways
  • Accountability: Navigators hold weekly check-ins with Django Knots to track progress and provide support.

  • Connection: The program fosters a sense of community and belonging through regular virtual meetups, social media engagement, and a dedicated Discord server.

  • Inclusivity: Django.Space actively seeks to include underrepresented groups in the Django community and create a welcoming environment for all.

  • Mentorship: Experienced Django developers (Navigators) provide guidance and support to newer contributors (Django Knots) as they learn and grow.

  • Sponsorship: The program encourages individuals and organizations to provide financial and non-financial support to Django Knots, helping to cover expenses and create opportunities for growth.

  • Sustainability: Django.Space aims to create a sustainable model for supporting new contributors by developing a pipeline of experienced mentors and fostering a culture of giving back within the community.

  • Retention: The program tracks metrics such as PRs merged, code reviews, and event participation to measure the success of its efforts in retaining new contributors.

  • Leadership: Django Knots are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the community, such as organizing events, mentoring others, and contributing to Django core.

  • Collaboration: Django.Space collaborates with other organizations and initiatives focused on diversity, inclusion, and mentorship in the tech industry.

  • Celebration: The program celebrates the achievements of its participants and highlights their contributions to the Django community.