Your first PHP extension - Christian Rades

Learn how to write your first PHP extension in Rust, a systems programming language known for its safety, speed, and concurrency. Discover the benefits of using Rust for PHP extensions and the process of creating and installing them.

Key takeaways
  • Rust is a systems programming language that emphasizes safety, speed, and concurrency.
  • PHP extensions can be written in Rust using the php-rs crate.
  • The php-rs crate provides a safe and easy-to-use API for interacting with the PHP engine.
  • Rust extensions can be used to improve the performance of PHP applications, add new features, or interact with other languages.
  • To write a Rust extension, you will need to create a Rust project, add the php-rs crate to your dependencies, and write a Rust function that implements the desired functionality.
  • The Rust function can be exported to PHP using the #[php_module] attribute.
  • The PHP extension can be installed using the pecl command.