Building at Scale | Slack Keynote @ DeveloperWeek 2019

Learn how Slack scaled its platform to support millions of users, including best practices for building at scale, investing in engineer productivity, and embracing change.

Key takeaways
  • The pace of change in technology has accelerated, making it more important to learn new technologies and adapt quickly.

  • The rise of SaaS and the proliferation of software tools has led to a more complex work environment, requiring better communication and coordination.

  • Building at scale requires a willingness to change and adapt, as well as a focus on systems thinking and risk reduction.

  • It’s important to invest in the productivity of engineers and to use automation and tooling to streamline processes.

  • The key to scaling is to start small and iterate rapidly, focusing on the core aspects of the product or service.

  • Don’t over-engineer solutions, but also avoid making assumptions that will limit scalability.

  • Be prepared to change the way you work as the organization grows and evolves.

  • Embrace new technologies and tools, but also be mindful of the learning curve and the potential for disruption.

  • Invest in building a strong team of engineers who are passionate about learning and adapting.

  • Focus on creating a user experience that is enjoyable and intuitive, even at scale.