DjangoCon Europe 2023 | Keynote: DjangoGirls: It takes a Village

Discover how DjangoGirls fosters a thriving community where everyone contributes, shares knowledge, and creates a safe space for growth and development. Learn how to build a sustainable village that empowers individuals and drives positive change.

Key takeaways
  1. The strength of a community lies in its united front.
  2. A sustainable village is one where everyone contributes in some way.
  3. Elders and leaders should listen to the community and make decisions that benefit everyone.
  4. Sharing knowledge and experiences is essential for the growth and development of the community.
  5. Creating a safe and welcoming environment is important for attracting and retaining members.
  6. Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of community members is essential for motivation and morale.
  7. Providing opportunities for growth and development helps to keep the community vibrant and engaged.
  8. Collaboration and partnerships with other organizations can help to expand the reach and impact of the community.
  9. Adapting to changing circumstances and needs is essential for the long-term sustainability of the community.
  10. **A healthy community is one where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.