Lightning Talks - May 18, 5pm

Join the Lightning Talks on May 18 at 5pm and discover key takeaways on vector stores, code reviews, learning C, data storytelling, and more, to enhance your developer skills and improve teamwork.

Key takeaways
  • Key takeaways from the conference talks:
    • DuckDB supports multiple storage formats, allowing for query across multiple databases.
    • Importance of creating a vector store for fast querying.
    • Low-level code reviews are important for evaluating code quality.
    • Importance of being supportive in code reviews.
    • Why learn C: it’s an essential skill for python programmers.
    • Importance of learning about open-source software and being vigilant about its quality.
    • Data storytelling is important for conveying insights effectively.
    • Importance of setting specific goals and check-offable tasks.
    • Soft skills, such as kindness, empathy, and clear communication, are essential for success.
    • Importance of considerate code reviews.
    • Learn-to tasks are important for helping new developers learn with their team.
    • Importance of mentoring and feedback in the developer community.