SAINTCON 2016 - Jeremy Cox (supertechguy) - Getting Involved with the Lawmaking Process

Join Jeremy Cox at SAINTCON 2016 to learn how to navigate the lawmaking process and advocate for technology-related laws that protect pen testers and IT professionals.

Key takeaways
  • Get involved in the lawmaking process: Reach out to representatives, senators, and legislators to provide input on technology-related laws.
  • Monitor proposed bills: Keep an eye on technology bills during legislative sessions and identify potential issues.
  • Understand the complexities of technology: Lawmakers often lack technical expertise, so it’s crucial to explain the implications of laws on technology.
  • Use existing laws: Consider applying existing laws that cover physical access to technology-related situations.
  • Be aware of overbroad laws: Laws that are too broadly interpreted can have unintended consequences for pen testers and IT professionals.
  • Seek legal advice: Consult with lawyers to understand the potential legal implications of technology-related activities.
  • Utilize resources: Non-profit organizations like the Utah State Organization can provide resources and support for individuals involved in lawmaking.
  • Defend affirmative defenses: If charged under a law, be prepared to defend affirmative defenses, such as conducting authorized pen tests.
  • Report mandatory incidents: Be aware of mandatory reporting laws that require the reporting of security incidents, even if they are authorized.
  • Collaborate with legislators: Work with legislators to modify laws that are problematic or unreasonable.