Supercharging JAMstack apps with multiple APIs via GraphQL Pipelines

Learn how to supercharge JAMstack apps by combining multiple APIs via GraphQL Pipelines, automating infrastructure setup, and simplifying API exploration through introspection capabilities.

Key takeaways

Using GraphQL to Automate APIs

  • Combining multiple APIs can be done through GraphQL Pipelines
  • Use OAuth tokens for authentication
  • Manually setting up infrastructure for a new startup can be tedious

Problem Statement

  • API design can be open and confusing
  • Poor dev tooling makes automation difficult
  • Having to read API documentation can be tedious


  • Use GraphQL’s introspection capabilities
  • Automate APIs through pipelines
  • Make APIs easier to explore and experiment with

Key Takeaways

  • GraphQL can help simplify APIs by combining multiple APIs through GraphQL Pipelines
  • OAuth tokens can be used for authentication
  • Automating API setup can save time and increase efficiency