The Humn Side of GraphQL - Robbie King

Explore the human-friendly side of GraphQL with Robbie King, as he reveals how to simplify testing, automate schema updates, and improve data integrity using this powerful query language.

Key takeaways
  • Simplify testing by generating Go code from GraphQL schema
  • Use GraphQL to define types and operations
  • Automate schema updates and generate code
  • Implement a testing strategy using snapshot testing
  • Improve data integrity and reduce errors using GraphQL’s type system
  • Use GraphQL to decouple clients from database backend
  • Simplify testing by using GraphQL schema to validate query strings
  • Automate testing of clients and servers using GraphQL schema
  • Use GraphQL to handle errors and provide feedback
  • Implement a continuous deployment approach using GraphQL
  • Improve code maintainability and reduce boilerplate code
  • Use GraphQL to provide a more reactive experience for users